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A Swinisn Compliment

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cuso, ni "Oíd Onoudaga, ' comes the following: "TheyVe got down in Portland County, an oíd farmer, noted for his greediness ond his keen look-out for a spot whercin to turn a penny honestly, or - he is n't very particular - tho reverso. A while ago he suceeeded by accident in raising a very large hog. It was soon noised abroad, and the peoplo in tho vieinity began to cali on tho old man to see the 'monstrosity.' A gentleman was stopping awhilo in the village, iind hearing of the 'poreine,' and so much said about it, destred to see 'the sight,' and haviog obtained directions started for the spot. Arrived there, ho met tho old gentleman, and inquired ab iut tho animal. 'Waall, yes,1 tho old fellow said; 'he'd got sich a eritter; mi'ty big' on; but ha guessed ho'd have to charge him about a shillin' for looking at him. Tlie stranger looked at tho old man for a minute or so; pulled out the desired coin, banded it to him, and started to go off. - 'Hold on,' saya the other; 'don't you want too see the hog?' 'No,' said the stranger, 'I've seeu as bi a Lag as want to eesi!'' and off ie weut.