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Are Women Naturally Polite?

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Mrs. Wyllys a ska tLat question, ar.d thea elaborately answers it herself, thus: Are womcn naturally polite. (lid you ask, doar, good-natured Public? Did you ever know a woman to make rooni in an omnibus, five on a side, when Number Six was entered, flounced and velveted, until ordered by the driver? Did you ever know a littlo pair of gaiter boots to turn one inch either to the right or left when they could have saved you from a streaming gutter by the operation? Patent leathêrs don't behave so - not they! Did you ever know a womaTi to say, "I am sorry to have given so muoh trouble," when the dry gooda c!rk had turned thinga topsy turvy, without finding tho right shada of a color that never exiated? Did you ever know a woman who did not know it was "outrageous'' for another woman to travel with a baby, or who didti't regard it as "cruel and barbarous" if auy oua objeoted to the crying of hor baby? Did you ever know two womou to talk over a third without ridiculing her, even if she was her "dear particular friend?" Did you ever praise one young lady in the presenoe of auother, without being coufidentially told of aoine euormous fault or deformity in tha formar whicb you hadn't dreamed of? Did you ever teil your wife what a beautiful new dreaa your neighbor had got, without learning that ''it was only that dowdy old silk dyed over?" Did you ever kuow a protty woinan to make an imprcssion without a half a dozen other pretty womon ruiuing tha effect of it the iuatant she loft the room? Did you ever know a woman to apologize for having knocked woman's bonnet into "pi" (that's printerisin, but expressive, uotwithatandiDg,) with the corner of her parasol? Did you ever hear of a woman who had an idea that she was making trouble by her little airs and graoes? Wo don't believe you evor did, reader. They are a race of unaooountablas, these women, just as weet and piqiumt as June roses somutimes, and then, bristling hkc so many venemous thorn bushes Tliere's one thing we never ceased to be iawardly thankful that we're not a man, and consequently obliged to mar ry ono of 'em! Why she wotild drive us orazy in a week, with her whiros and fancies, her exactions nnd her pettish ways We would make tho most lamentable, hcnpeoked husband in tha world, unless, indeed, we had the nerve to ruu away from her, or sbut her up in the oloset for a week, until she promised to behave bettor. When a woman ohooses sho eau be the noarest thing to an angel of anything in thia world, aud what a pity it is


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