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Washington, Aug. 11. Offifial letters from Mexico eátublish iho f.ict that many leadiog merchante and conservatives in the city o' Mexico présenter! a petitíon to Juárez for a disc "ütiiiuiiix o oí' hostilitifcS and a restora'ion oí' peaee to tho country, 'ihy represent Miramon as nearly poworlcss, ar.d that tho only parties who refuse to siirn petitions for penco are tle clergy . (ind whom they control. Señor Mata, the Mexican Mini-ler to this country, has jast left this city, and ivill sai1, on Monufly for Mexico, to arr.inge soma business affaire. He will pvobably return in a few weeks, Tlie Legntion will rétnain in charge of Señor Romaro, ihe Secretary oí Legation. Señor Degoliado, son of the Mexican General, who has been attached to the Legation for soms time aa Secretnry is also about leavini; for home These parties are quite sanguine that tl eir un happy c 'iintry will soon be restored to psace and prosperity throueh liberal nirluencea, aided perbapsby thecitizens of the United States. Washington, Aug. 13. Judge Arney, of Kansas, has filed in the General Land office the nócewary papers to obtain tho right of way lor the con'.ruction of a railro d throusth Soufl'.er.i Kansas tocinneot with Galveston railroad in Texas. The CoinmissioDer-General of the land office has, in conformity with the law of Congress, granted the necessary instrucüoüi to the land offioers having control of the land through which this road will pass, to reserve the right of way, and land for depots and water stations. - Mr. Arnoy leil the city to-duy for Kansas. A corps of engineers will at once proceed to rnake a survey through Kangas and the Osnge and Cherokee Indian country, with a view to a permanent lo catión of the road through these Indian tefritories. The construeÜDti of this road vvi'l ennneot tho Western country wilh the G lf of Mexico, and w 11 open the travel and rosourcos of a large pórtïon of tio country in Kansas, the Sta-es ot Tesat) and Arkansas, and othr States which are now of compara ti vel y little valué. By the construction of a rail road from Atchison connecting wilh the Hannibal and St. Joseph railroad to Luwrcnce, and from Loavenworth to Lawrence, and thence South through the Indian Terrirory, toconneot with the Texas roads, it isbolieved that miilions of dollars will be added to the wealth of the country from the mineral resources which have not been and cannot be devoloped without the means of travul and transportaron which the present enterprise is designed to supply.