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What Became Of The Meteor?

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frota such observations as were to bo had, imperfect at tlie best, Professor BarUött, of tlio West Point Military Acádemy, has come to such conclusions as the circnmstances of tho case adinittcd of, in regard to the heigbt, volocity, and dostination of the rcmarkable ineteor which passed throngh our horizon on tho 2Oth ultimo. IIj thinks it could iiot have been loss tlian sixty or seventy miles above us; that ita velocity, in reference to the earth's centre, was at least seventoeii miles a second; its diameter at least half a mile; aud, fiually, that it must have passed out of the earth's atmosphere. to purBiio a modified path around th - sun, and to return atain, perhiips, at Bomo futuro Y Eue. Post, Au? 11. LJ3r Thero aro now ia store hi tho [Jiiitcd Statis ariOial at Springfield, M if ■■.. ono hundred and eixty thousaud i g-ns