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The Brkckis.kidge De.uocracy, both .':, shoald lenra a lus. o i by tho resull of tlic recent electiona in athoru S;:ites, and espcjialiy thoso of Kentuokj and Missouri. Iu tbeso States the BffECEiNBiDOK party lias bcovi overwlieliiiinglj defeated, In Missouri the rcgulnily nominftted democratie , lor Oövernor and Lieiit. GtftcTüor endorsad the nomination oi' Doüolab, and i the disuffceted saoessiuuists, under the ! lead uf Sonntor Greex, brjught out rui opposition ticket. Tlic samo thirg wai :ilso done in several of the Ccmgressional distriots, The reault of tho cloction provcs that tliis se cession Bubckisridqb party cdh haidly a corporal' guard in Mis3ouri, It is boatea oat of sight by the regular Daiuocraoy, is beaten badiy by tho Bell-KveTêtt ticket, hardly keops ; pnco wit') tao Ropublican ticket, and iu faut hus dwindlod to a contomptiblo ! tiou. Ön tho Other Innd, Jaceson', the regu'a;-d.ï!:oerac:'c a:.dilitef r Guvcrnor, a strong DoüOLAS man, is electod Gorornor, and tho regular Democracy carry all tho morabers of Congresa, save two, ■ wlio are Republicana. Missouri uiay be put down as oertain for Docglas. Iu Keatuclïy, the prestige of the name ; of BnKCEi.NKiuGE has not saved Li in froin a ájsgraoetal defeat. Ilis popularity j arailod him nothing, and the standard of Bseckixkidoe democracy has trailed in tho dust The regalar Deinocraey withheld their votes frotn McCartï the Buf.cki.nridük candidato for Clerk of tho Spromo Court, and he is defeated by about 25,000. Breckinridge stands no chuica to carry Keutucky, and if not ! Kentucky what Southern States can he carry? The lesson of the iate eleetions, is this, Bueckixkidgk is daily losiug ground in the South ; he cannot carry a single Nórtheïn State; and by no possibility can he get electoral votes enough to take him hito the House should an election not be mnde by the electoral college. In view ; of these facts will any Northern l)emo crat by aiding the Bueckin'Ridqe movement coutribute, as contribute he must, to the defeat of Docglas who alone atando i any chance of success agaÍDst Lixcolx. - ! If Sout'acrn Demócrata wish to run I BKEOKixRirGE and play into the hands of LixcoLN let them do so, aad let theira be the responsibility, but let erery Northern Democrat wash his hands clean of this seetional niovement. It is Douolas or Lixcoln, iv-liich will Demoorate choose?