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Interesting Discoveries In Toronto

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Toronto, C. W., Ang. 13. Wh'ile some workmen were engaged in excavaling near the oíd fort, in thia place, they discovovered the remains of fifteen bodien of British and Amen-! can soldiers who feil in the war of 1812. Several buttons, bayoneta, and apauletles woro alm found One button bas tho initials of Penns-, lvania Ranger on it, another is marked II. S., another Jüritiah Gren:dio-s. Atew American coins wore 1O found From the position of the bodies it is evident that they were buriod in the trenoh near whure they feil. Gen. Pike and two ■ hundred Amoricans and a nuraber of British were killed near this spot in 1813 by the explosión of a powdor magazine.