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The Douglas Cause At The South

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The following s a letter froin John Forsyth, editor of the Mobile (Alabama) Register: " Mobile, July 27. "I send yon a Campaign Register, containing proceedings of our rnas8 meeting in Mobile last week. It was a complete triumpli Put down Mobile county for Dnigias and Johnson. Even the cundid amon the 'Bivck.' men admit it Our purty is thoroughly organized. and our esecutivo cornmittee report that we are rendy to go into action to morrow and beat all 500 votes. The ca se gains volume and adherents every day. '' My news from North Alabama - the democratie avnlunche región - is cheering. Niok Davis, one of our State Electora, and a gallant, talented young man - the best stamp speaker in the State, - Povey, Jones, Patten, Humphreys, Lindsay and Bradley are in tho field, firing hot shot into the Ynncey isuniouists. Bradley writes that the 'fires are brightly burning' up thcro, and North Alabama is 'all right.' Wore it not tor the Bell tiuket weshould beat 'Breek.' 20,000 votes in the State. " Wo have the best understanding with tho Büll and Everott people, and both partios are detormined that Alabama shall not give her voto for a sectional Yancey ticket. '' New Orleans, like Mobile, is all for Douglas. Thero will bo a hard fight for the State, but our friends are determined to make it all' outranct. " One of our Mobile citizens - a floree Yanceyite and a long headed man - has just returned from Mississippi nnd reports that the State icül go for Bell and Eoentt If Breek, cannot get that Stiito what oan he carry besidd South Carolina? "P. S. - Mobile being safo, I taku to tho interior in a fo-.v days and shall keep in the field until November. The national demoerats are doing their duty in the South. ' Hold up the corner' in the North."