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The Missouri Election

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"We publish tbe returns of the late election as rapidly as thoy reach us in an authentic shape We have seen euough to kuow that Major Jackson and T. 0. Iteynolds have au overwhelming raajoritj over their highest opponents. Uuchanan's majority for President was not quite ten thousand. Jaekson's majority may go to fifteen tbousand over Orr, if it does not exceed that vote, and our im pression is that he will beat the field. Never was a grcater victory aohiovcd, and never has such opposition been mado to any inan - so combined, untiring, and unscrupulous- in this State. We claim for hiin, therefore, a glorious triuinph - a triuinph over all the parties arrayed in opposition to him,andfollowing hiiu with uiiixlcnting fury. Tho inconsiderable faetion of the democratie party that broke off from the "regular nomiuations," and made so ruthless a war upou hkn and Mr. Reynolds, becanse they promptly declared thcir intern i ms to sutain Douglas and Johnson, the regular nominees of tho democratie party for President and Vice President, may now seo where they stand in the estimation of the democratie party of Missouri. Whole hosts of factious and unprincipled politi cians have been laid on the shelf by this election, and the democratie party will bo the butter for the purification: A week will show the cxaet relation of parties to each uthor, and the only caution we have to the democracy ie, to stand by the advactages whioh they have obtained - to yield uothing to the cnemy - to ask uotLing that is not right, nor yat givo up anytfcjiig to laennce orontrcaty from any I (juarter vvhatover. Another battle is to ! be fought in November, ar.d anotbor i victory to be won, and it ig onJy ia uaioa I tbdt ta;-o is gtienothi