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T4ew -Advertisements. SSED WHEAT. TBH3TIB3CBIBEB BAS AT hlé reaidence one mile north-ciist of railroad depot, six hundrcd and sixt -six buaheli of WHITE' "WïE-A-T the cernid prodaot OH1 OSE BUáHEI-, a XEW VARTFT t -AH of the kind in the Staie- irhich I ofe.' at $J3 peí bonhei, which no farmer csn afford to do without, that iutoutls to nifxe wheaí( boieg entirolT FU FE FROM MIDQE, and wïll jield onc qaarter moro than most vaneties - . S;,iii]li niny he sen thrAshd and iu the bundie, at Moors KOGER' AGBICULTUEiL UaIL. CIIA3. TREADWEI-L. Ann Arbor, Aug. 13, 1S60. 761w3 HÖiFÖfi THE NEW STOR.E - Trexncndous Sacrifico ! 20,000 WOJ&TH -OFOT&!P[Ltl ARO [FAKKSV DRYGOODS! TO BE SOLD ! REGARDLESS OF NEW YORK C O S T O. 3ÈAC3Eïlv ■yrrOÜLD rcspectfully annouunce to tbc citiit-ns of i Oood Old Washtenaw and adjoining counties that no is now building one of the most elegant and lartest stor s m Michigan, at the south west corner o Mam, and Liberty Strcets, Adü Arbor, and i detennined to stock of gooda of all kinds at any Sacrifice for Caah, preparatory to removing to his Now and Syacious Apariments. Hiving conluded to make grand opening with an entiro new stock ia my now etorj I will sc!I for the XEXT 30 DATS, all kinds of Ckallies, Dclaincs, Poplins. BLACK AND F ANC Y AT MOST ANY TRICE! I can get. Also Shoes, Hat of every dcscription at Tour ?"". y}?"' so 8 not harohoadod any longer. but go to GREAT CLOSING OUT SALE! And have your "patos" coTered for a shilUnir and ui. ward. ' OF ALL DESCIUPTIONS! THE LAKfiEST STOCK ever brought to thii placo, and At Prices to Suit the pooreat Family As usually cheaper than can be found at any other es tablisament in this cuunty, and IN SHORT EVERY TU1NG usually found in my large and attrictive stoek, at A GREAT RATE OF REDUCTION .' Farmers, Mechantes, Lawycrs ana Doctors, and the rest of mankind, LOOK TO YOUR INTERESTS ! Drop politics and rush in m nuu o C. MACK'S Groa Cloug-out Sale, whür Six Siillihgs will pas for a Dollai all diy loog. Come Oue, Ome AU! I moan what I sy. 1 am ileteriuined to sell off aU my present stock of goodi at a groat sjicrifioii . FOR CASH! Before reooviag to n:y N&W AND ELEGJ.NT STORE WherafaaifcIwUraiiovtngTithaDoattr new stoof goods, oo tho lirstday ofSepleo)! ■ ; . . C. HACK. Ana Ar or, Jujylth, IS60. 757tf ilyer's Cherry Pectoral,