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Senatorial Convention, 7th District

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Senatorial Convenllon, 7thTDistrict. The Democrat e de'.egiUesfrmn the overal Tftwnahipi compriping the 7th Senntonal diRrict are requostw Co m!ct in convention, at theConrt Hoose n th Cilv of Anu Arbor, on BMurday ugust 25 E h , at 2 o'elork I'. K. ■ to nomínate a andMate Senator. F:.ich Township will send tlie same nv.iubur of delégales as to tbo Connty ConTention. p. w:nf.;ar, P. C. MÜKUAY, M. I. SI'! NCHL LenateT'al DiRtricCVmraittco. Ann Arbor, July 20, 1860. The Democratie electora of the Toirnship of Ann Arbor are requcaterl to meet n caucus at tho W ■ritten House, on SATULDAY TUK lS.h day of AD6ÜET, 4 o'clock P. M., to chrose delcgatis to the County, Senatorial and Representative Conventiona. R. B. CHASE, Chn. of CommitU'C. Eepresentative Convention- 4th Listr'ci1 The Democratie dclegatoa from tlie üevcral Township comnoing the Fourth P.epresentntive District re reqtel t., meet in Convc-ntion at CHEWiEA, on SATÜRDAY PEPT lst 1800, at 1 o'clook. P. M-, to nomínate candiilate for Rcpresenlative In tbf SUU Legislatura. Each Townahip U be entitled to the same number of dolegates as in tlie Counfy Convention. By order ol the Coïum;lU;e, W. A. JON'fS. Chn. August 8tli, 1S00. WARD CAUCU8ES. The Demncra'a of the several Warüs of thia City nrereuepted to mei at the places de.gnated.on TUESDAY EVESINO, iugust 21st, and elect delogntes to the County, Sen ntoriiil and represontative Oonventions. Tho Firat Ward will be entitled to two deieg.itps, the Seeonl, Third, and Fourth Wards each to three lst Ward, at the office of J . N. üott . 2d " " " City Hall. 3d " " " Court House. 4th " " " Agricultural Hall. By ordtr of th City Commiltee, H D. BENNETT.Chn. Ann Arbor, Aug 16, 1860.