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Shocking Accident--two Men Killed

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accident occurrsd ut tho railroad c-ro8Uig on Scott streef, where-by Mr. ! ii it-liaii GriiT.iri], u fannor óf ttio town of Mudison, and Joseph Morris, a yuuntf niaii n i.s employ, wei bmh itly kil!d. Ju.-:ic Barbar ild nn inquent 1-iU-r in the iftei -nnoii, froni wiiiuli we team that the cara wore comiDg from tho wst, :;nd in full iuw for onite it long distance, the entine bsll Riso ring:ng. , toa:n had jus ei"wed tho track, uod the ocoupnots of tin; oarriage turned and iiwjtioned tho unfortunnte men not to come on. To lili'1 they p iid nu heed bul atto:ip'ed to cross. Tho ie was u'nd'ér nenrTy full hènSw'ay, : i' i struok the boraed broadside, ashüia1 them to piecea in nn instant. Tlio vvaafon was throwr, around by tho side of the track and p'retty muoh áemolícHed, and Mr, GiSbrd and young Norria thi'own out agaiust tho nqoving uars with such viidenöe hs to kil! them instantly. Daath seerna to havo been nearly, if not quic, ir.Btantaneous, and to have been provimoed by oobcuswcmi Thair büdies wnre not mutilated much, nor thöir bones broken. Mr. Giff)i'd wns a woll-to-do farmer of Madwoo, about 45 years o!d. Norri.s had been ut work for liiin, Jr.ud was about '25 years of age. J'oth were Dtoxicuted ai the time, to which, doubttess, nmv ba attributed the acci d'Mit. The Ooroner's jurj auquitted all connected with the railrond ol any blame, it being clearly owincf to the mad indiscretion of tho sufForcrs by this terrible BccideDt, Mr. GK flard lenves a wife and several children to tuouro his sudden and trag ioal