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BAXK NOTR, LAND WARRANT, SPECIE AND EXCHAJXiE QÜ0TATI0N3. Carefully Reviaed and Corrected every week. R4TÉS GORRENT AT HM' Bonking House of I). Preston & Lo , 72 Woouivii.-' A--.. Detroit Augutt 15, 1860. BANK NOTES. Detroit City Bank, Par. Canvla, (all Solvent BankB) .....' X. Enghnd and N. York, (Solvent Banka) . . Now Jerity and iMaware, _...." Ohio, Kentuckv aad Virginia, ..-. Pa , all notos par at Pittsburgh or Philadelphia, " Bank of the State of Indiana, . - . . " CNCCRUENT FÜNDS. Illinoia, Wisconsin, Missouri and Iowa ouying 1 Dis " " " " solling 1 to IK " N. Carolina, S. Carolina aad Louiiana, -2 M Indiana stock Notes, .... i Teaucssee, 3 " Georgia, 2 and 6 1( United Statos Post Office Scrip, .... " Bank of England Notes, L, .... $4_P4 Bank of remm.wh, Michigan, 85 dm Exchange Eauk of D. Hall & Co.. i " OUR RAT2S FUK BILLS OF EXCH VMOE. Buy-ing. Selling. On Now York and Boston, % X On Washington, X dn Baffalo, % Oa Cleveland, ü Ou Cincinnnti, % On Cliic&go, X c dis. for SlOOor upwards. GOLD AND SILVER. Buying. Salllng. Am. Gold lots of 1100 or upwards, X 1 Amorioan Silver. l LAND WAÏUIANTS. Buying. Eelling. 40 ACR3 WilEASTS $ 41 $46 80 " 69 75 120 " 89 100 180 " 120 136 Revovolutionary Scrip, (per acre,) 80 ets. 90 ets. PEE5UDM CüLSS. SILVER COItfS. GOLD COINS. Span PiLlar Dolíais, 1 05 Sovereigns, 4 84 and 4 87 Mexicau Dollars 1 04 20 Francs 3 83 Five Franc Piecea 96 25 Franca 4 6ó Franch Clowns 1 05 10 Francs 1 0 Germán " 1 05 5 Francs 95 Prussian Thalers 69 Ton Thaler Pieces 7 80 GuiUera 38 X Thaler Piecej 7 86 English Silver, (3aiUing Ten G uilder Pieces 4 00 23c; L4 60 SpaDish DoubUon li 00 Old Am. Half Dolh. 1 03 Patriot 16 50 S On lots of Í100 or I California Gold $10s 5d wards, 1 lc. additional $50s and $20i ld. Gold Dust, $16 to $10 50 per 01. SSf Spanish change SI 16 per m. or 22 cents for quarteif, 11 for shillings, 5 for sixpences. On Iota of 20 oz, and upn-firfls. $1 TSperoz. DAVID PRESTON & CO., Bankers. 72 Woodward At., Detroit. Offico hours,froni8, A, 51., to 6, P. M. Paiísenger traína now loavo the several StatioU3 In this Uounty , as foilowe . GO ING WEST. Mail Ex. Marshal Ae. Night Ei lpullantl, 8.50 a. k. 6.86 P. m. 9.10 p k. Ann Arbor, 9.10 " " 7.00 " " 9 S0 " ' Dexter, 0.S5 " " 7.30 " " 9 66 " ' Chelsea, 0.50"" 7.65"" 10.10 1. x GOING EAST. Evpning El, Marshall Ac. Itiil 7.x. Cholsea, 5.15 i. M. 8.15 a. m. 4.S5 r m. Deïter, S.30 " " 8.40" " 4 50"'' Ann Arbor, 5.65 " " 9.10 " " 6.16 '" Yplilanti, 6.15 " " S. 40 ' " 6.35 " ' SrThc Orcat Beiufartor of hls Raoe.-TSJ, The Great Healer of Mankind! Herrick's Sugar Coated l'ills Th whole World United! Sick People think! Ater which act, You'd acareo this late day, With startling cures a book to HU; Th! s U the caso, tho million say, With the cures of Herrick' PUI. They come frora East, and North, and West, And with glad tidingstho papers BU, Becausa they are th cheapet, safest, best, And superior to others is Herrick 's Pül Trom Roots, and Plants, and Flowers thoy're; They always cure- they never kill Tbouaandn now in their graros wereiaid, Wereit not for Herrick's I'ilii. Each Pili wUh sugar is coated o'cr - A rare dUcovery of raatchless skill, Their like was never söenbefore, üutil it appeared in Herrick's PUI. Tor yeara he'fi worksd to heal tha sick, Witb joy-elatehis bosora ülls: For tons of thousanda now rejoicO At the magie PowersofHernok' FüIb. R?" HERRICK'SMATCHLES VEGETABLE FAMILY P1LL have inupuited the vorld with their popularity. Over five miluoo of boxea are used annualy, giving employmcnt to cighty-Qvo mon .nd women to put them up. Their ciu-os are auinbered by thousands - thoir praises on' tho tongues of all, Citizens oí Washtenaw Co-, and olsewhere, have you ever usod them?"ut up in English, ípanish, Germán, and Froach direotions. Large Lamily boxO3,25 centa! Five boxea for SI. Sold everywherö. Eoü advertificment on 3d page. TheLo.toos Sterikwookc Coiipan-ï'3 business has increased to such an axtent that thoy havo doemcditnooessary to QstabÜ3h a depot in Now York for the supply of stereoscopic goods to tho trade generally. They have arranged to forward to tli üir Managers overy week n case of goods that shall contain all new subjects as well as first-clans standard pi:tures and they will then ba enabied to offcra complete assortment of stock of uncqualed charactcr,at pricos contiderably lower than thosc of any othcr house. It must bo evident to doalors In stereo scopic goods that thoy will bo Consulting their oirn interests by douig businos at the New York Branch of the LoKiMffluuaotcorro' Cqupait, u at Hkaixjuahtiks 'Ivilrr-! tan Ixi senl lij l'lli: ,. LSSV, muier, VU liroad ewYork. stcnoscoijoa of all kinds and ijrir-s frora lif!v ceuts ujwri. Vlo-.v and groups trom 41 ñ