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Under The Sod

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Skïd1 of beauty lie umli-r (lic eo1 - (Jnderthe soci in lbo damp And jIlvih- Fo one jiiiseï ng thcir low abixle Drenmn of trut hiildn embryo Moom. K.'iindroj$ softly dowmrard r p, Saudnne piereeth dresrj mgl)t Tili tl'.i'ir bonds re broken they wako from eierj., Aiici, pri ully nnfolding, rise to thcsig'it; U] from the toA, tlie cola, aolnp iod. Tiioy spring to ihe worlU of liglit. Uniler the sod lio noble deeds Hiódon in embryo msny day ; On (nc evi r iheir glory houds Till i!)o éOTeñiio fo ís nway. 1 hfy ninpt lia in tneir priscn lona;, Down in the foul till tlie night ia p:ist, Bli wl otpunding nnd groling strong Tül the chryanlis aaide is cast ; Out of the soi, the oumbcring sod, The ut'cJs wïll bloseoiii at lust. Undor the sod the iairlit bc lies, The pcesible Ufe of truth aod love, WHitinL' the huur wher. it mav ar30 Out of the gloom to the lisht ftbnve ; Th beur 's veet blossom must fade iu the strik ; For the fruit to com? rauat the flowtr fall low ; The poul't doep strupgle n.ust wako it to Ufe, lts tcrob must bt wVwith tears of wo; Whenout of the sod, the drenry sod, The roight be in glory mny gruw. ■ .■.,■■ Tniler the eod all things we !.,ve Lie, for n seapon, bidden in gloom ; By.and by tin y WÏU 3TÍng above, By and by they will bud and blcom. Umicr the ècd we live on earih, Strugglirg vip to the sunshine bright; Fáticnce! tha daj will at last hav birth; By acd by we shull UaTethe night; Upfr .m the;sod, the pnr.ting sod, WeshAUayUetothe-liglit. . .


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