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This delicious, wholesome vegetable is epoilc4 by the manuer it is ecrved upon the table. It is not one time in a hundred more thau half cooked. It is simply scalded, aud ser ved as a sour porridge.- It should be cooked three hours - it cannot be cooked in one. The fruit should be cut in halves and tho seeds scraped out. Tho mucilage of tho pulj may bc s-aved if desired by straiuing out the seeds, aud adiiing it to tho fruit, whicl f-hould boil rapidly for an hour, and sim mer. three hours more Uhtil the water is dissolved, and the contents of the saucepau a pulp of ruucilagiuous matter, which is much improved by putting in the pan. eithcr befwe puttingin the fruit or while it is cooking, an ounce of butter and huif an ounce of fat bacon cut fine, to huif a peck of lomatoes and a small pepper pod, %vith salt to suit the taste. The fat adds a pleosant flavor, and makes the dish actual fo (fd, ir.stead of a mere relish. The pan must be careluliy watched and but little fire usii'd, aud. tho. mass stired ofteu to pr'evont burning, toward the lest, when tho water is nearly all evaporated The dish may be rendered still more attractive, and as rich as food by brêalnng in two or three eggs, and stirring. 'figorous ly just time enough to allow the eggs to become woll cooked. 1'omntoos. thoroughly eooked, may be put in tiglit cans, and kept any lengtli o time ; or the pulp may be spread upor platos and dried in the sun, or a slon oven, and kept as well as dried pumpkiDS dried apples, peaehes, or pears, aud wil be found equally excellent in Winter. - For every-day uso. a quantity snfficient for the use of the faniily a week ïu.iy be cooked at once, and afterwards eaten cold, or warmed orer. VVe beg of thost who use this excellent fruit to try wha cooking will do for it. It has been eatei half-couked long enough. It cever .should be dished until dry enough to be taken froin the dish to the plates, with a fork, iustead of a spoon.