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How To Prevent Sore Shoulders In Working Horses

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6nys: The plan we havo tried and never found to fail is to get a picce cf leather and have it ent in'o Kuch a ehape as to lio fmugly between the ehoulders of the horse and the collar. This fendf off all the fnctions, as the collar elips and moves on the leather instead of on the shoukiers of the horse. Chafing is caused by friction; heneo this remedy is quite a plausible one, and is much bettor thari tving slips ot leather or pads of sheepskin under the collar. U" The Scientijic American thus de■cribes a machine for milking, recently patentod : " Four eockets receive the four leats of the cow, and the operator, eeated beside the cow, with the pail between his knees, works two small sir-pumps, or.e on each side, which drain the teats by a process like that oí nature, drawing out the milk, and releasing the tcatp, alternately, by short intervals of suction. This tñethod bas the advantnge of the common one in cleanli neps, and a still greater advantago in expedition, for it milks at least three cows in the time which would be needed for one if milked by the hand. A friend, who has tried the instrument on his own cows, assures U9 that the experiment was highly satisfactory. Ttte animáis did not seom tobe incommoded by its operation, or to dislike t any more than the uhuiI way." l Some men use words as riflemen do búllete. They say little. The few wordw usoí; go right to the mark. They let you talk, and gu;de with their eye and face, on and on', till wh&t you eiiy can be answered in a word or two, and Uien they lance out i seutenco, pierce the matter to the quick, and me done. Your never know where yon are with them. Your coapyersatbn falls into their mind, as river fall into deep ehaema, and are lost frorn sioht, by tg deps and darkness. They wil] sometimos surprise yon with a few words that go right to the mark like gun-ehot, and they are silent again, s if they w ere reloadi ng.