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The Michigan Argus

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S1 ! r,t.vKM' FiVKRY rwDAYMoBMKii, In tboThlrcl Storj of the Brick Block, corner oi Muil u ■ Hurou BtrcetB, iUii Arbor, Washlenaw Co., Michigan. u i Harón Street, opposite the pcanktio. ELIHXJ & , POND Hklllor and Publialier. TK.'iMS, $1,00 A TBAR I5Í ADVAXCK. ADVERTISINO. Onesqutrc (1! linoi nt lest) one week, Weent; ann ÍÍ, ents for every Insertion thereafter, 1 t Hih joe suuaré 3 roontUi ..t-S Quartcrcol. 1 .voar Í20 Oilü do 6 rto .... f. HsIfcoJ'mn 6 mm IS Ou, do ljem 8 Hnlf ) ljei M rwo Bq'tCB 6 moe 8 Oi.f ] 35 hro do 1 feir U -";f d" yr Cü UtarOacaMBta unacoon-pnnielby writt orTerbaWiroctioi wilUM putUicd ujUI ordered out, aad L(wil aiwrttoemwrt, Brst insertion, 50 cents per ■ olio' :r cents per folio Tor e.-ich subserjnrnt insertioü. iTiin'i n postponemsnt ík added toan idvertisement the hole will be charged the as for first insertion. JOB PBIÑTING-. íimphleií, Hanil-billn, Circulars, Cards, Dall Tkkets, md niitT rwlfttiea Of l'Iitiu and Kaney Job Printing, Izecuted wiiliprompmess. and in Uio bküt stylb. BOOK ÍÍTxiING( Connectpr! with the Offlm is a lïook lïindcry in clttïga pf h eowipt.ent workman, County Records, Eiedgftrs, Joursals, n6 all kinls nf Rlank Books made to orter, in.1 ofthebnt .'ïock. Pampüleia Miei Peripdicab bound in r iieat and duiaWe öanaer, at Detroit prices.