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The census return of Pittóurgii and urb, it is cstiumted, will foot up 130,000. ii the year 1850 the same torritorv had 88,312. Pittsburgh proper ':. .s 'it'ty (ivo Uiousnnd; the populntion on the south BÏdfl of tlie river, including; South and West I'i; sburgb, Binuinzj;un, K;ist ]5rmng!iam, Monongafiela', nd Teinperanceitille, will rcacli eigbtceu md; Alhighcny City thirtv fivo tlia rot is in tha incorporated euburba and (djaceut lownships. We have now most of the leading Pennsylvania cutíes snd towns, na bo.low: Phüadolphiü, 650,000j Eeading, 24,000; Harrisbiirg, 14,(;v!; Scrantor:, 12,000 York, 10,000; AÜGDtown, 8,047; PitUbnvgh, 130 000: Lancnster, 18,000; Ñorristown, 13,500; PottanUé, 14.000; Kaston, 10,000; Wilkeabarrc, 7,90. In 21 of the 161 tovrna oi' Cocnpcticut from whioh returns hare been reportod, the population stands 94,841, agaiiist,C6,284 in the samo towns ten year.s ago, thus showing a gain of 2'j,f60, or abJiit tífty per cent. Hartford will probably gain about 16,000; New Haren, 19,00(1; Norwioh, 6,000; Middletown, 3,000; Ncff London, mora tlinn 3,000. The population of certain WisoonsJn oities U na fol'ows: Kenoshs, 4,081; Jefferson, 5,242; Benver Dam, S,Olf; Iloricon nnd Fox Lnfce, aboat J,800 cach. Tho returns a.3 faras receivcd indicato tbat tho present popdatinn of Newark N J,is 75,'JOO. In 18C0 it was but 3,894. Tho poptilation of Balxlijne, tor, in ro-and numbars, ia 13,000, wLich is & f.illingoff of 4,000. l'hfl population of Golunbu?, O . sa-d to be about 22,0 JO, on iucrease 4,00') sinco 1850. Tlio censtia roturtia yhow timl Bidtimore haa a pipulatio -, í 'iífilü. The popuktion of JBwwsvilIe, I:iJ., is represented to be l'iiO. Bridgeport; Öt., h 13,iM0 inÜaiitants, ngaiuRt 75JS iii IS50,