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Hill was relurning from Troland, lie found himself much annoyed by the repróbate oonduot of tbo Captain and miito, who were sadly given to the scandalous habit of sweuring. First tfeu Oaptain Bwore at the route; then the mata Bworo at tbo Oaptain ; (hen they botb swore at the winds. Mr. Uil! callod to them tor " fairplnv." "Stop, stop," soid he, 'lot ua hnvo fair play, gentlemen, it is my turn now." "And what is ityour turn," askod t'.:o Captain. "At F.woaring;," replied 'ir. Hill. "Wdi!, they "waited acd waited ,until their patienoo was eShausied, and they wished Mr. Hill to mnkohasto and take lïis turn. Ho told them, however, that ho had a right to take his own time, nnd swaar at his own convenieace. Tho oaptain repliüd with a langh, -'Perhapr; you don't tpoan to tak jour turn V" ' Pardon me, captain," anpwered Mr. Hill. "I hall do so hs soon as I ñná the good of dwiog it." Mr. Hill did not hoar snothar oatb on the voyage. C33" About ton years ago thero livaá noar Cineinnnii afamily by tho namo of 5tringer. The eklest, scn, Jnka, was n most eccentrio geuius. One day his mother unid : 'Jake, I trant you to L" to t!jo store" - ba!f a mile distant - '"and get rne a qnarter's worth of ngnr and soap." Jalto roused himself tip, briislio-d tha whittfings ïrótn his lap, nnd starled forwurd on his errand. Hu did not roturn. Ten years passed by, and no tidings were hoard of the errand, Yesterday. as tho í'amily were 6tting down to thuir rhsnksgiving difiner, the door oponed, and in oame a tall, rnustaclvoed, goodlooking man, with some bnndles in his hnnd. It was Jake Stringer. A!l the family snrang to their feot in astonishment. bat tho mother and Jake were perfectly cool, "Mother," said Jake, "hero's your snorar and soap " "Lay tliein on ths table and eat you dinaêr," said Mr-i. Stringer; "you onght to ba whip'pad for stnying po long. l5 A Yankee tr.iveler, claícribinsr a donghniit ff unnsunlly liivge povpnrlions, whit'h ha {.'jrohnsed i Bnöalo. ay : "II wna ono of tlmse stapendoin acliievements in art which are only ïttömpted in the vicinity of tlio rcat -ei rbís nf nitture like Niigara l'.'dl."


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