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Independenca, 31". , Aug. 20 The Xow Slexican mail, wi;h Jatos to tho 5th inst., arrived this evening. There is yivat excitement in Santa Fo. Tlio Navajo Indiana milde an attaek tipon a liulo eettiement eleven milos bclow, and killed two mun and drove o ft all their stock. There were only eleven soldiers in Santa Fe, and they were so:it in pur.snit of tho Indiana in a wagon; A pnrtv of ciü.eiis set out, and bvërtook the [ndiarin ond recovered ihe stock, bat liad to fiht lor it; and owing tü tho uowardice of soms MftXicijns, tlireo of the party uore killed and five vvoundeil , two ff whom have sinco died. One of thern waa Cliristi:in Veirén, a highlv ï'ospectable citizen, a cabinat-makei' bv'. He with tiis owü hand brouglit down five of the Indians, whoso total loss was thirtecn killed and severa I wounded They fonglit entii'ely with Rrrown, and only retreated whon theïr arrows gave out. Had the entire party tukon pnrl in the fight, not a ai.'in would have boen killed, bul tho entire Imli-in fbrco would have boen killed or captured. On til e same day tho Indians ran off ?0 hoad of entilo from Ayan Frilrin, a town five miles bolow Santa Fe. also took 13 head of Government horse?, and sucecedod in niakino: good their esenpó.