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Neapolitan Outrages On The Property Of An American

Neapolitan Outrages On The Property Of An American image
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Times' Alamina correspondent, wfitiag under dnte of July 2ád, says: 'This inorning tho whule of the eavalry, ncludingllie lancers, with tho ]ht iafawtry sharp shootora nnd gendarióerie, were embarked on board iteamora wbiob wero lying rendy for them, and were convoyed to Villa San Giovanni, vrbioh is opposito Messina un tb Culabrian ooast. Tho soldiers of the line were snbsequently ftbipped to Reggio. That theso robbers of robbers ure gone is tlie greatest blessing that ever happened to Meseina; ns fince thev hare been quartored in thie neiglibor'hood they have committed ravages unspeükabld, As soon asthoy latided they entercd the garden of Mr. Morgan, iiie Amerioan Consul, and helped theinselvos to its producís. Mr. Morgin coinplnined to the offioen, who cauBcd the d'jliucjuents to bo pn-ked out and they were genteneed to tho Imstinado. For ttiis pnrposo they were bronght t Salvator dei Greci; but, as eoon tm th picket tumed out into tha conrt yard to exoente the sentence, tne wholo mass of thasoldiurs declared that on ihe first blow they woul'l slioot every officor. T!)o offioers tberefore obliged to set the thiave ut libertv. Thia is justa sample of how the N"s;ipclitrin army is nt present siluuted.