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Feeding The Sun

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September last, r.t llh. 18m. A. M., a distinguished astrODomer, Mr. Carrington, lioJ directed his tclcscopc to tlicsun, and was engaged in observing his spots, when suddenly two intensely luminous bodies burst into view on its Burface. - Thoy moved side by sido through a space of 35,000 miles, first inoreasing iu brightness, then fading awaj; in five minutes they had vanished. They did not alter the shape of a group of largc black spot.s which lay direotly in their paths Momentary as thia remarkable phenomenon was, it was fortuuately wituessed and coufirmed, as to one of the bright lighis, by another obsorver, Mr. Hodgson, at Highgate, who, by a happy coincideuce, had also his telossope direoted to tb o great liiminary at tho same instant. It m;iy be, therefore, that these two gentlemen have actually witnessed the process of feeding the sun by the fall of meteorie matter. But, however this may bo, it is a remarkable circunistanco that the observatiuns at Kow show that that on the very day, and at the very hour and minute' of this unexpectcd and curious pheuoir.euon, a moderare but marked magnetic disturbance took placo; and a storm or groat disturbance of the magnotic elemeuts oocured four hours after midniglit, uxtonding to the southurn heaiisphere. - Thus is exhibited a geeraing couneotion betwoeu magoetic phenomena aud certain actions takiug place on the suu's disc - a eonnoctiou which the observations of Sch'wabe, compared with tlio uiagnetical records of our colonial observatorios, had