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Om tho 8lh int. at 8 o'clöck, P. M.,at tlinMnufl of hifi son in-law, P. Wykoff, of inflamroation of i!i" luAgs, Nathaniel Norton Terry, aged üixtyaix jctir.i four mmths and twenty-flve dnysThfl doceiued his boon for miy yoars n prominent nd loa'ling mwibor aud eflicicnt ofTicorof tho Cnntf rejatioii! j Chotch in Hi hm exorted an nfliionce, butli by procppt aud '.vli.'ii, wtuch wiïl Ine aftorhim. During the lul few yeara of chodeohnsof We bo soffèiftd mncl) . Oi the 27ih day of .Inno Ue went to p'ncl a few day ivith hia daughter iti Romulus, N. Y. The thiJ day af ter hia arrival it wm tlimi ;ht bpst to tall a Phy siciiiii andhc wasuudorhifl can from ihnt time till h ï!-dj T-io lKtof Aug. ho wrotf.i tester hom that tho followfug Mon-ïay he thoujf'.it lic wouM start for homft. But 'u 'i.t ono irwkj-)! saAly wre thoM hopea blightod. j Ho was cut oT unpxporto.lly to all. HvcaXulj bid IiU ■ ch'.Mren gcodbjf th" niht prúrloas töJUi daatb, II■ mei bis eo i without ;. strikte perfoetljr resfjfcwd to the wi J "f liis maker.