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IS c w Fii m i ew u OODS ! ! 1). L. W00D.& CO. Am tuur receiviiig and opening & Large and Beautiful - OF- S -t-a-p-1 o a-n-d Fa-n-o-y 1)11 Y GOODS! OIROOZBIRIIES, CROCKERY, LADIÊS' AND CHILDREXTS SITOES, Lc. ■. L AT THE OLD STAKD OF D. L. WOOD. Tjme gooJs havo leen bouglii sinct the recent decline in prices in the Eastern "Mm-kei and will be sold correspondingly CIIEAP. i We roiild respect ful i y invite llie eitizons of Ann ArDor nrnl the surronnding cooDty to iCALL AXD EXAMINE OUR GOODS! As t is no tiouble to show tbein.and tre bepo ' BY FAIR AND HONORABLE DEALING To nurit a liberal aliare of tlioir pntronage. D. L. WOOD. Wm. G. FOSTER. West side of I'ublic Square Ann Albor, Aj.iii 9.0. 1860. "43tf ü U ITERWAN IIEAD QÜARTERS! THE JlOST COaiPl-KTE GLCTHING EMP0R1UM 2n Michigan ! STOCK OF GARMENTS EVER OFFEKED FOR SALE IN T II 1 S M 'A B K È I! OVll SPRUVtí & SÜMMER a &J W3 &m We keep ever.yth ing lohich Üiefashion and times clamando and c&n sell them clieaper than any other &,tiblishment in the State. Wt HAVC S1ORE THAN' 1OOO jliiiieaa. Coaí, orErLRT VARirrr offaphiox, SuchasS3ct.H.-ilfScks.inrt Frork Confn, kc, manularui-o'ihy o-.iraelvcs, fecra the best quaUties of Luiou, Casaimpresoad Hsnulllra; Al5o a largc asortmcut Of DRESS AND FROCK COATS, Of ererj quïïtj, of Brown, Blue and Faacy Colora. We have the I .4 TEST S T Y I E S -07Frnn thcrincst iin'tTn, piniD andfaocy, íd ib yide world. Tlw mo8t fastitlious cao be satisücd by our largt anj ne'.viy sclcctcd stock of , ï A Kl O O A G3 O ? COLLABS AND SHIRTS, Of ftl! kiiul.;. Cravat", fliirtBosoon.HaDdkerrhitf?. ?upender, DrobrollM.CarpetBag, Trunln,&í. The rich est Glovcs, frnm the üEt Ik tf the sol'test Mnantaln Iíit1,:ilro.t'ly ío f]t.tbehand of every cuHtoinfr. Yon on finrtevervthin in nurestablmhiueBt whichth world ofto Ule tváding commuLl:; [o sz: bt _ r3ar behc jc jwt s-ANP- CLOTH FOR CUSTOM WORK.' We hare also the iínet French and BelgianBroad Cloth, Panrv OwtmoreB. Ffincy Pilkund XIa.rseillCBTcstnfí8, kc. ould aluo cali the attention of the Btuoants, 6Bpcfally tbe gradofttliig elftM, If nny of them want a GOODFTTTIÍÍO SUÏT, iet thcm come tofONDHKTM, n orfk'r to get a good fit. Tliankínl for past patronape to our oMcu-'tomcrs, we invite as many ncw ones U come anl givp os iv cali. I) ont titil tn ree CiuitGrman'rt Hcaduartors, before go ing elRflwhew. M. GuITERMAN V (.O. nn Aroor, April 11, 1S60. 74Öif FHESK AF RIVAL -orÜOiTW GOODS. -ATS T II O N G ' S New Chmp Cash Store. (T.T.T BARGAJNH ARE OFFFRED- -a l:ge ünr of Silk Parasols from 4s to $3,00. ' of ff.itcli SrnE s(fr! 5t. Fivo Cents a H-O-O- F-. Tip Top 36 inch Umbrcllas, only 12s oiher Uim In proportlon. Alaigcstock nf Frints verv LACE AND SÏELLA SHAWLS, LACE AND CLOTII MANTLES. SÏR1PED ANDPLATN SHEETINGS, YANKEE NOTIONS, EMBROÍDERIES, Hat g & Caps, Grocories Crockery kc, ie. Aiso a largc Slc;k of Ladlt1 ihotf, At Prkcs 10 jpcr cent less than usual gg Xo troubla to show Goods . Cali )ml c;unin(-. ftt Stroag'8 CHEAF CASH STORE. EXCHANGE BLOCK, ANN ARBOR, Sj W . M O B G A Ñ , Agent lor Mutual IJfc Insurance (.'mr?, 'w Vork. AcctrmalaWAwet, - -■ ts.350,noo. tina Ufo Insurance Coinpnny i]i tbfl ' K KoittkerboclfCT I.ifc Insarasce (,'ompany, Ncw York, n rrst olass flrtie Co. - terma reAWiniiblCi lIiinihn)Mi Pin Insurance Company, Kcw York. Cai.iMi, witli n Unto surplus, - - 200.noo. I'eona Htrine .; Vire Enmñau Co . l'enjia UI. _vi t w i rirelnsuranef ' 7O7tf ÏOOOlO', UP WITH THE TIMES! THE OLD AND RELIABLE Clothing Empoïiumï l NO. 3 PIKENIXBLO CC, MAIN STREET. hif .i'ist returned frmn the Ear.tern L'itio , with a l.irge . I rabia Ktock of SPRING AND SUMMER E2r OODS! rrhich he 6 now ófferïiig at tiDOftuaïlf Amoag his Assortmoni ïnav hc found BROADCLOTHS, CASSIMERE8, DOESK1N8, & VEST1NGS, of all dwcripHon?, espectaUy for whieli hels cutücg .iiïfj roakiog to order, tn Che latea! anri bost sirles, togethcr wjth a superior a&sortmsnt oí IÏEADY 21ADE CL0TI1JNQ! IKINKS CARPET BAGS, CMBREKUS, an.l Gentlemen's FurnisMng Goods, w:th nutriPvouK olhcr artr.c!cs uïually found in ömiilar tMaUl.ghnicnts. Afl ANEMPOBIUM OFFASHIOM, festibrtTiberflattorf hlrasdf, that bis long oNpériene nu'l general succes, wïH on.ibïc hiiu u cive tlw greateal -. ' ti. f.ictinn 1 all who may trust liim in tbc way oi m;s.nuufacturing garmeoU taord CALL EARLV! nd Irtveyour ovlori. TVM. WAOTR TO I1OUSEKEEPKRS. QÖMÈTHHTO KSW.- Si T. BABBiT'S I In maaufacurc-d from commfio salt, and is u vroparc euiirety aiLTi-rni frora ctbor SaleratuP. [J f a , -j-inuer as to produce Bvp.'i'í, OiFCoit, ai5 fll' 1 Uri kiodaof Cake, wiihoutoiiuiüLiij a partiële oí ijl Nileratuê whtn the Bread er Ckk in bak. r. j thertliy wholesome rcyultf. Krci} J I j.irïiclo of Sjilettüufti-: tnrned to c;ns, and papiJcí thrfiugli the Bread and Biscuit "'bilo biüaatt, 'tú L? f? ;fi';áeaent!v. noïhing remains but cmiiin ?1R' ö OO.'Vatpv. ftudFlnur. You tnll rwlüy perctive, bj !■ the taste of tbis Sa'.eramj, that it i entirolj [] fit iïoia oí'.icrSa'.L-Tftíus. y It is pac.kei in ono ponad papers, cacb Q porbr.:nded, 'B. T. iiabbitt's Best Medicina1 jj ?O aleratn8;" aiso, ■picture, twisted leaf of broaiï.(2 UOj'i'.b a glass cf tOKYMdllg water on t!;c t,,i - Q ■ l'.Vhen you putchae orö paper tou 6biuld pre k ! irye the v.-rapper. an.i be particular to get tbe P [wxt cxactly I-.Uo tho bvsnd aï .-.lx ñ. y A' Full dircctionAformaliiflg Bread Tri'b tbis Kal-f ' V j-ratus aud Sour Milkor Creair Tartar, wi'.lac L?ompa7 cach packgc; also, dtrecliocB for 'ft Imakiusall ïinus of Fü.'trv; alsc, for intkiuij.' Sod Water and Soidlitl PoiFdofi, 9 i MAKETOCROWN SOAP vntb -u b. t. babbuis pure coxcextkatf.i i t1 POTASH. J Wamntid doublé the Ktrength of ordtnarjiH Totasb: put up In cans - 1 lb,ï Ib. 3 lbs, f fl lb, aud 12 lbs - wlth full dircctionnfor matinf' A.KD l-ivd and foftSoap. Cous.imeis will fiad tbi; K hbo chcaptst orticle in market. Manufacturedandfor alcby H b. t. BAEsrrr, j 54,66,65, TO, & "4 tTashinston ut., N'etr York.iQ 7 ( UMl No LL íadla st, Bosten. IJ 4 V43yl Uil NSW YORK LIFE INSURANCE COMP?NY. Accunuilutcd Jan, 1860, $1,767,133,24 MORRIS FRANKLTN, President, J. O. KENDALL, Vire President, PLINY FREEMAN, Actuar y $100,000 DEPOSITED ■vith tbe Compírcllerof the SUfe of Xeir York. ITn iVodB average 40 per ceüt. anuual'y. jk. sa jes je: rc . Caïh in Bank, M lurestfd in securitieE, creatrd undcr the laweof itt ofXelf York and nrthc 0. B., 25S,SiO,79 KcalEstate aad RxtarM, Rbii 112aadU4 Brondvray 1?,2,4ÖO 04 Bind nud Mortgoge drairing T per et. irtorest 533,908 9 Notes roceived for 40 per rent. of preuliuins on llfo policieft, hearing uterest, 675,315. Sö Qiai-terly nnd Smj-aunual premiiucn.c,dtre subsequeut to Jannarj 1, 1SM) 10,560.38 Tnteret acerned np to Jan. I. 1SC0, 30.488.77 Rents acemeduptn Jan. 1, ligo, 1.7OR.S4 Fremioms on poiicies in hands of Agent, 26,44.19 $1,767,133.54 rr Wnxs a-.i'l Lnrr:. Medical Exímiuers. 74Ctf J. ijlLRFJÍf SMITU, Agent. SEWING MACHINE. 3t ms: sl= cl rar 9 VT E vrouïd rspocifully info; in the cMrens r.f ANX AR VV BOR. and al] gurronndijog country, tbat wo havo apened rooxát fop the sale of the following wcll known aiid popular Sewlng Machines GROVER & BAKER, WEST & WI1.S0N, EO REST CITY, THE PEARL, CLEVELAND SLOAT, & KAYMOND. pltAt ffivor 11 N iv i 1 1 ï a cali ;it oiir room, dtrooUy over ths GttD fihop, inThompaon bButhogland's üiock, ficm 8 to 12 fl. ra,, and 1 10 ö p m. r. t. TIUIOT, A. J. títTBOUJlSl. LADIES1 DEPARTMENT. BïUsMARY A. IIBBIIRRT will takc charge o tlii.H Depftrtmeni of onr bus ineK and do all kinjpof FITTING AND SEWING, And givo instructions in the use of M.ichiocuto soehka w i i hl..)!' 01 uiro a knowlc rlgo of theni, WILMOT k SÜÏTJERLANp. Ann Arbnr, Fcb. 28, 1S90. 737tf TOOMIS & TRIPP, f:iicc."'.;:ors to Chapín A LoomisniulCbapin, Trípp A LoomiB THT. firrn of Inmia & Tripp havinff purcha?;? the iiliro ititorotít of tho farmer cornpanios will Bontinac 1 iiï 'uusinepn at ihoold stumls, wbcro thoy will ; a tv.i '. v , od tbc ehortoflt notioe, to Ëll all orders in ïhe line oí Castings and Machinevy, n the must workmanlike manner, and on as liberal erma as any otlior rhop in the Sta+o.Among tb vnrius artideEmanul'actured by us, we wotüd enumérate STEAMENGINKS f allkinfl8; MUI Gwirïng and FittnrtSj wrougbtand ïast; allthe varions castiTijsfor mnking and repairing [lorse Powers fe Threshing Machines :nch as are at present, or Lavo fonnerly Ven in use Jn hiR part of the State, as well ai all the varios I:ídc1s íf fitingw aud machino work calïed fr by farmers "and aCtiïianicR intliis section of tho couniry. ii .ill the various pstUrns, np fn KlSMandpifoM] will bf;cptcoDstantIy on hand, got ttio roost modern atil imtroved etylop. HUBBARDS WROTCHT IRON REAPERS & MOWERS. Ii'iving oonnouncBd msinifkotftrtii ttita BVparfbTa hiur, single and combineci, tho fannor-. are Eórited to all and see n speclmoo macbiae dot in our v.arc room, icfore purchasinfïolsewhere, befievinj that tliin machine iced onty U beseea to convince the farmer of ITS SUPERIOKiïY ■ ver the Rea.pers and Jlowcr in this market. Thankful for fornier patronado t the old 6nu. -f; rmild solicit a continiiance from old frenfln,anl a trial iy nll wiphïr.j rol uu ything in our line of buajoewLOOMIS & TRIPP. Aun Arbor,SIay lgtb , 15-W. COTtf DB FOBEST, ARMSTKONG è CO. DRY GOODS MERCHAJÍTS, 8O & 82 Chambees S(. X. Y. WOÜUB NOTIFY TUK TKAUK that tnfy re apenta Weoklv, iü ntw and boautiful patternf.tho AJ.SO THE A New rrint, whíob Mtcela Ovotj Print in the Country ó perfectiíni of exccutioD and design iti l'uU MmMor Coljrs.- Our l'rints ara cheapor tbaa any iu market,and meeting wtbL,extonsÍT Rale. Orát'vs nrtitnplly atlepded i 732 1 "R E M O VAL ! f TAS FOR A SHORT ÏIMK REMOVED INÏO Wm ALLABTS SHOE STORE, antilhe cao go back nto liis own BoüdlUg whlch be lqow bulldlngraad would bo happy to see his old "rii'wïs and customorK. N. Ii. Icfl 'rAam by the Gallon can be FttppUI pr lies at a süort notico. J. mwti TEKFtR. Ann Aitini, Jfarch IC, lf-". E3rX"GCk,X aÊTLeÖLiAOtiOXl. IN CLOCKS, WATCIIES. (■WMMMMnMMOMmnnvniMiiuiuiMiiiüiiji,!!" AND JEWELRY. O. ISXjXSESSS, HAVI1CG rmrif! mir.h Brsngomrutwith lile tnipi ' '■ ert, Upicjjürcd to sel! Watchre, and niaijy othcr crticle, at Greatly Iteduced Piices! GoodSilver Cyllnder Witeboi. f S (lO ■ Hunlltig Oao, IS.fl " " Ancbora ' ". l.0ll ■ ' " isqa Oold Pen'a wltli íMlverHoldrra, 1 W fluted 7Vr sboon.6, P8 " TüWn ripoons, EOO A lihriil diecount mode to IVnlere. Jewelry firltj nnny otber tbing in proFortion. Silver and Plated Ware ! a'fo keept fors&letiiQ cetcbr&ted ja.iafxoa-icL,aa. "XJV m toliee, F.Tftry Wath wrrnntPd to frive cntircsEttidt'uction. He h.i. al.o. a line flesortment of TABtE & POCKET CUTLERA I SCIgSORf, SHEARf. and RAZOIiS.nnil arnr!rty of Musical Instruments, With Btrluss, Honíti, nnd Tr Inunings lor tue &imv BRITTANIA WARE.. Haücl, Davis & Co's Celcbraled PianosAnJ ng""11 varir(ror Xotion loo r.urofro-.t ío men tion in oí; advrticemnt b)1 ei" whlco ilf bet sold CHEAP FOR OASII! Pirtlulnr ottr-niion paid to the rrpsirïng: o'all kind ol ene vratpcs, such qs mnkineand setting V-.vrls, nrw Finions, StafTs, and Cyllndcrs; ala'1 Clnckfl and Jrwelryneatly rnpared and warrnutedNo %7,-centre of PAamix Bfotk. CALVIN ELSSI Aun Albor, .Uv, ló. (8ft9, ÏN'S'UEANCE ff. jeCXST X Gr 3E3CM , AtthcStoreol'Wlne." & Knic'ut i :;nt for tte fo!I owing érateles Insurftuce Compwnics: x aa: C3E3 ixr x s: INSURANCE COMPANY, of hartford. Cash Capital - - - $200.000 00 Cash Capital, Juiy lst '58,419,084 66 Comvay Flre Insurance Co., Of Ccnvray, Mass. Capúíil paid iip, - S150.000 00 Assets (Cash), - - 2ö9,963 12 Liabilities. - ■ - 16,440 03 D. O. Rogere, Jas. S Whitney, Secretary. Preiident. D1RECTORS. J s.wiiiT:r:Y. h. tïodman, w. klliott, ARA Hü LAND, D r. MuGILVRA Y, E D MORGAN WAIT BEMENT, JOS1AII AI.I.IS. A. H HÏU1 1 FN W. H. niCKINSON, W T. CI.APF, D. C. ROGEIvi. Aun Arbor Uifertiiccs: Dr, e. wr.u.s, L, j::k. L. Donor, ENOCII JA.MK8. TAPT. C. ?. GOODRICH, J. W. KN1G11T. Ipmt Ann Arbor, llicbigan March 1?. ' gTeat gi f t"s al e -ofBOOSS&JBWELHY! SCÍIOFF & MILLER TN0RDFT,T0 5!.KE ROOJI FOR SPKING STOOiS:, bate determioed to teil their MIS CEL LA KEO VS B O OKS - AT- PUBLISHEE'S TRICES, And give to Each Purchasor a Present In Tttfofl from öOCents Up to $100. WUB E A CE B00ES0LD. 1Ê-i Cn] parlv 3nd pxnmine helr Bolts and Prosentfl. Atm Arbor, MHich3, 18B0. 73tHf. EXCITEMENT ! ! T h o s c IV e w GOODS AT A . P . MILLS' CHEAP CASH STORE, (SonlU Sidc ortbe I'ubllc Sqnarc,) u cir.Tting a groai wsitcmenf; nd lhos winhioi; to rnako thcir SPRING P U R C II A S E S, i-p lovUM in cali and cxam:a Stvlos and pricss bofore purchasing. IViee Cliaiiies from Is to 2s. LawH.1, B rages, Faulards, Crapemcnls, Bailarines, Brill tanta and Fancy Silks d great varkty, and of the latest pittcms. Silk, Crape, and Cashmerc Shawle very low. A Splendid Stock of Prints from 6 ets. per yard up. Hoop Siirts t on half ths ufail prico. Rats and Caps, Ladiee and Children's Shoes ! ! fnramr-r Cloths anil Vestings in ercat variefy of Patterns, whio!) I am preparod to makp up acd WARRANT A PTT. A full aüfnrfrint of Domestic Goodfij Crockory and Groccries. ailof which I offpr fttthclon-est cash prioes. 3.1 am not lo be unm-sold . a. p. imxe. Grcceries & Provisions. SLAWSON & GEER, HAVIXG cpiaMisbod thcrasdvosin the Cmcery business would ioform thcir frienHs and customers tbat fcthey would be happy tosee thom at tbeir tore, whcre tiicy havcon band a Largo and Choice Stock -orFamily Groceries, iDcludiDg eveiy thing inlhe line. AtsoProrfsionapf all kinds, itigars of tho best qualtty', Syrupfiofall kindn, liest of CoQoeF, First clasp Tca5,ete. bought and BoM,ftnd Ll; highest pricepaï'ï tu Cá&jj. He bas alM on hand a constunt supply oí Water Lime and Piaster of Paris, which wjll bo soUatthe lowest i'f . Thr frabfierlbem wiphit distinHly unlArstocï tbat Üxy fïïl not lïe uTnier?fl(l by anv ostaWis'imnt in 1t-o ty Arbor April I ■. L8j l,