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GaEAT.GBEATErl GRES ATET BA EG A I K S E VEE OFFEÜED 1859. ÊÊmuIH59In tliisCii.y, are uow beitig offeced at tlin CHEAP.CLOCK.WATOII, & J" o -w e 1 xir iS t o x' ori 'UK Subscribir wouldnny to the cillznns ol Ann Ar1 bijr.íi particular) and tl'fl rest oí Wnlilffnnw CV,in'v tn cnnprul, Ihnl liohnsjunt ÏMPOKI'ED llRECTLV irom KUBOPE.a Trcinendons Stock of Watchcs! Ali ofwhicb ha binds himself to scll CHRAPEH tba f -ah !e boitgbl west ot NVw Yoik City, Op'ii j ;■.■ t.'yi.iifi-i Watche Irom $ü to f!0 do lio I,'"ror tij do P to 21 Iluiiling C'fisfi fio do io M to 3-r. do do Cylindor do do ! to SR dold Watehe from 20 to 150 f havo mI -o ttie CELE BR ATE I) AMEllfCAN WAT CHES, wliich I wlll spil ïtr ft3jS. F-vflry Vvatch warrnntcl to pertüiiu wt;ll, or the monoy rpiunded. Clooka, Jewtlry. Plntcd Wai"% Funcy Cioorfs, GoU Pen. Hutical iiistruiiioiitB aud ritiings, CotWy, fcr.. aad in fact n vartofy of'eveiyliii; uunlly kept bj J:;w eltirs eau be !nnghtforiho next nin'ty o'uys ut vur O W N l'BICES! PersoiiH buying nything at t'nU woll laiown etabliKi.iriA ui enn rciy upoti gotting göo N rxnct'y as repn - t" d, oi th tnoDAj r Cunded. nallearly and se cure the bost bnrgalne ever oitered ia City. One word in regard to Rcpairing : Wr nrc prppcted 10 mV any rOPVfarfl onfitio or COminon Walcheê,'êvdr I 'm inec r ih ttbtfra wiuoh, 11 nrti-ary. KrpuJhiifï of C'lot'k ftnd Jewclry wt mual. AJ.-?o tbe manxifacturíng eí RINGS) IíROOCHh, or des ireti, from Calif-n-uin Gold on short noticR. Knfir-vip in ellita branches exioted witb netit ness and d:n:atch. J C. WATTS Ana Arbor, Jnn. SSthieSP. 7t4w Sornelhing Worth Reading! Schoff&lliller? AÍOA1N ON i;ANr.atllilrld i'ni), (Three . üoorsNorthof Frankün Kouse,) witb the mott complete rind Extensivo Assortment 'orBooks and Stationcry, Wall and Wmdow Papers, Oil Painted, and Gold Botöeied Shadee, Curtain Eollers, Tassels, Cords, AND A THOITSAND AND ONE TH ING S In thoÁr lino, I.NTIRFI Y TOO ROUS TO .IFNTION. whlcb tbíyinU-ite tlieir írlondí, ana the public gencrïilly, to gjtutlm ets 33:35: -vxwchste: Before Purchsing Eleewhere, as they flnttor thmselvit thnl tholr Stjlee and Pr!cf emnot fnil to provr satiefactory. Inn Art'or ny 1, IFT.O. ilORACE WATKRS" A G E JV T 333 Hroadway, NotvY o'r k Publtttlicr of Mu -Ie and ittaslc BooUs AND DtEAUSB IS Pianos, Mclodeons, Alexandro Organs Organ Accorüeons, Martin's celebrated and ptber Guitars, Violins, Ttsnor Yiols, Violinccllos, Accordeoni!, Flutinks, Flutee, Fifef?, TriáhgléSj Glari inetts, Tuláíng Forks, Pipes andHammers, Violin Bowe, bcstltalian Stringp, Bass Instruments for Bands, Piano Stoote, and covers, and all kinds of Musical Instruments. S la o o t 3VE u S i c, Trom nll 1ho publiBhfrs in the U. S., , Beríini; }Iuníin'?, lem tjchool, n.1 all kin-ia of Justrnction Uooks for the above instrumente; Church Uaale Books; Mtiílc elegantly büund; Muic gaper, an-1 ali kinds of Music Heic&a A t t li e Lowcst Price?, New Pianos, Al 75, SCOD, ■ p to ?sno. SOoónd llnnil Pianos ftpoi 3-5 i;p to SUjiv ,..v JlelQdeon.s, $-15 ■ $60, $75. $10, and up to $200; Sccond Iland Melodeons frem SCO to $80; MexauilroOrgnng, with fiveatops, 3160. nino stops, $185 and $225; thirtf-cn stops, $'.'50, t! $300; ftftoén ítopa. Í320 ftftó $875; A liberal discount to Clergymon, Churchci, Sftbbath Schools, Pominaries and Teachers. The Trade eupplicd at Üio usual trade dlscouota Testimoniáis of tiic flopaoe Waters Planos üiitï Mclodeong. John BetreU, of Carthag.New Vork, wlio haa liad on? of' the Honict-AVaters Pianos, writcsa follown: - "A friend of mina wishes mo topurchasc a plano ffo Iirr tihf likw tho one you foI'1 m? in Iircpmbr, 1S5R. íy pían.' abecoming in tbla place, and I tliink I rn introduce one or two more; üioj wül bo aoro kiju);.r than any olber fiiako.1' 4We have t-.vo ot" Watara ' Planos in nsp in onrerjinary, one of which hng been severely tested for three renrfl. and we fan iestify to their goft quality and durabiüty." - M'ootl Í; Gregory, Monn Carroll, Hl. t(H, Waters, ÍNij. - USAR frtfi: llnviog lised onoof yonr Piano Fortes föt two years past. I hare fonrid iiaVeiT tupcriOT Instrummi. " At.onv.o Geay, Principal Brookiyn fUfght Pemnanj. "The Piano I recflaved from yo cotfttDifefl to givp gat isfaction. 1 repatd ia-i ono of the bnst instrumento in the place." JamtL, CuiAce, CharUston, Va. "Tho liolndeon has f afely arrivcd. I foei obl'gpil to you fory our libefal dfccount." Rcvj .). M. McOORiuci. YarqiusvillcS, C. ''The wafl fluly reeoiretl, ItoamA ïn excellent, conrlition, and is very miitrh admiíod b? rny numerous family. Accept mv t.'i:m!i.s for yo'ur promptiMss."- Kobicrt Cooixr, WémnhanL Bradjocd Co. Pa. "Your l welt ït'Ja the be.=t ouc in our Connty."- TnoMaS I-vjitam, CnmpheUton, Ga. "Wo aro very miich oblijyei to yoa for haring e.nt nch afine instrument for $250.'- HkanKjIIslo . Co., Bitffdïo Drmr-crn. "Tho Hornee W:iíers Planos are knov.-n as aninn Ihe vory besrt Vc aro t-nabled to speak of those instrumentii with confidence, from personal knówledge of their etr.ollint tone nnd .IutjiMo qualiíy.'1 - .Y. Y. Evnntfélist. "We can Bpoak óf tho merits of tho Hora ce Waters pifinos fron: personnl bnowledffe, ftft bétog thc rety Añedí quftll-.y.1- Christran Intetü 'geneer. "The Hornee Watefa pfctnos are ondt of the bífet and most choronghly seáeohw material. We hn no doubt t.hatbuyerscan do asrcll.pRrhaps botter, at this than at any otherhouso in thc Union." - Advocate and Journal. Waters' pianos and melorleoas challeoge comparlüqn wíth tho Qañst mado anywheio in the country." - fítmu Journal "ilorací! Waters' Piano Fortoi ara of fuIT, rích and even toan, and powerfdi- N. Y. Musical Rww. 0ur friends will TiDd at Mr. Watertf ptn th vory best assorimont of Music and of Pianos tobe found Iu thc United States, and wo urpo our southern and wotein friemlB to gtve him a calí wbenever they go to Xew York." - Graham's Magazine. Warehouse 333 Broadvay, N. Y. Sa b b a t h Sch o o 1 Bell, IOO.OOO Issced ín ten Montos. The improcedente salo of thisbnok has induoed the fí to ad'l some 30 oew tunes nnd hymns to iU pres, vithotit mtra charle, except on thc chcap odltion Among thomaay boautiful tunes andhymns added inay be found: - í(J ougbt to love my mother;" "OI'll bo a gnod child, indeed 1 wit)." These and eight others fror-i the BoiljTrcro ung at tho Suaday School Anmversary of tho M. K. Church at the Acadorny of Mu-iic, with great The Böll cotains neariy 200 tunos and hymn';, and is one of the best collections ever isued. Prico 13c; S10 pfr hundred, poaiage 4c Elegant ly bound, embossed gilt, '6c, $20 per 100 It has beeo iatroluced into many of tho Public Pchools. Tho ê ". is publishedin staall nnmborn entitlcd .Annïvirsa:y and Sonday School Musió Book, Nos. 1,2, 3, k 4, in oi'derto accommodatc the miïllon; j)rico f 2 i; S3 per bondred 5 will soonbn isue:!- cgnimenccmont of book. Also, Revival Miwie Books, Xo, 1 & 2. prico $1 & $2 per 100. postas More than 300,000 copies of the aoovo boks havo ben KBiied the pust ftiïhtoen months, and the domand israpidly increahingPubllshod by HORACE WATERS, Agent, dZB Brjadway, N. T. Publisod by Horace Waters No. 333 BroadTray, New York. Vocal. "Kind Worda can AacelB iolá me so;" "WIMa of tl; e Wiwt:11 "Thonp-hts of Ood;" 'Gtvmeback my Mountain Home;" "Day Preams;11 uDanAj Cock Robin;" ,'M'm wift tlie etill: 'Pel names;" "Therc's no Uarilng like mine;M "Sarab. Jane Lee;""ËT. er of thee:" '%I'm leaving thrc in ftorrowj" "üirdof Boantv;" "Home of üiir btrftï; (fírave of Knsabcl," and 'Wake, lady, '.vake,,' price 25c each. 1 l.vsiiu me.mau - ' 'Palace Gftfdeft or inging Bird Polka,' 40c; "Swinging Schottische;" "Mirabel Schottisch ;" ITioraas Öttker'fl Schot ttscho ;' ' ' 'Piccolomini Polka, 35 ceuts each. The abovepieceflharebeantffql Vignettee "Welmor Polka;" "Arabian Wai cryMarch,j tho rery last.; "Vssoviapna Doniolls tfazurlia; l'IÏPal: (nj; PolKa;1 "Crinoline VTjltz," aha "LancfTr.' Qua drillo,f'25c eacb. "lTie Empiro of Reich's Qnadrille; a MM ibnce, and "The Hibornian Quaihilte," riceach. Many of tbosc picces ure played by Bakor's colobrated oroheet ra with great app!ru?e. && Ifalled freo. A largo lot of Foreign Mudo at half prico. Iiai:os, Mdodcons and Orgaus Tiio Horace Waters Pianos and ,J[eïodeont for dopth, porlty of tone and durablllty, aro nnsnrpassed. Pripes vory Eow áeoood Hand Pianos and Heiodeona from S5 to 1 16 '. Music aud Uuuicfti ïn tnictfonn of ill kinds, ut the lowest prioeè. HORACS WA1 No. 3S; ■ ■ ,X. Y, i iïoaxs; - "The Horace Watera Planos are bnown asamong the very bost.' - Kvanjfeïixt. "Wecan spMLh of thetr merite from personal knowlc,lgf." - Chrittian Inielngcnctr. trNbtBlng ut. the Fair döplayèd greater excellence -M - Waters' Pi unos and Meloáoonfl ohoülencQ coraiyiTiBon iith th fiiioat mado any whorc in the country." - ïlomt Journal. 7U"l Ayer's Cathartic Pilis, 3NT E X7sr WSM Mjj UB LJi mSc NEW STORE!! 3J0" o -vsr P i r ra. o 2Tew Furniture. MABTIN & THOMPSON, RITCE6SORR TO O. m. MARTIN, fJAVK JU3I OI'EfKD IS THHIRnow aud E 1 e s a W a r e"R ooms KAST SIDEOF MAK STREET, A COil TLETE STOCK OF KOSEWOOD, MAHQGAHY and SETS OF TARLOR FURNITURE I N C L U D I N G Sofas, Tete-a-Tetes, Mahogany ROSE-WOOD, BLACK WALNTJT Plain and Marblo Topped O[IROTtlK '0a A O IL H OB EOSFAVOOD, MAH'GANY. BLACK VVALNDT, FANCY and COTTAGE CIIAIRS &c, &c, &c, &c. J9L. TSi SS C 9 El e g a n t M I R R O R Si, Bureaus, Secretarles, B e d-R oom Sets, INCLUDING LATEST STYLES, F. I S i S i A ö ê { OF THE BEST QUALITT AND Different Material. In Fact thoy Havo Everything W- H- I-C- H "The Old Folks," O-R "YOTJNG MARRIED PEOPLE W-iN-T T-0 F-UR-N I-S-B PARLOR, BOUDOIR, SITTING ROOM, OR K1TCHEN, AND OTJR CITIZENS NEED NO longer go to Detroit or elsewhere To Find A LARGE ASSOBTÏIENT 3?-3a.- i-S FURNITURE MUST BE BOLD - A N D- Aad Will bo Sold ; A- T VERY LOW PRICES! Lt mn man and hit wife or going to bo wife, COME A-ND VRü. Tbeyalno havo a 1IEARSE ÜARRIAGE, We are always roady t att-nd to the burial of the ■Vul n tho City and adjoining country. Ware-Rííom east side"1 of Main Street, hötweon Washington and Liborty. Ann Arbor, Nov . 1859. O, AL MARTIN. O. B. THOMPSON General Land Agency PERSONS wnnting fnrma, or rcBi(ïenceFln ornRiï Ann Arbor, con by culllng on roo clect from r ÜBt of over 1OO Farms For Sale! OfvarJou stzes from 3, te 1300 acrr.eacb (aorao %a goodasanyinthid Connty.) More t han LO Du'clin.s: Houss inthJFCity.fromtwn liundrcd to fourthouianído ■ areaeh:ttcd over 2O IIÜÏLDING LOTS! AmotiKtho farniB nre tho Kishope larm, 1300 acres, the Potter farm, in Green Ouk; the Placefarm, ao 1 t.t) aerea, thcRInndon nná Jenkfi forma, in Webster; th Stubs, Michnel Clftncy, Newton Beocan, and Faltan: fnrms. in Ann Arbor; J-KInsleyM fnrm, in tiic Hfïtch and Hick farms In Lodi; the PntrirkClHjuIarm in Frcedom; W. S. Daribon, B. O. Baker a ond nuck'e farms in Sylï'an . Most of tbcsn and mauy otbers can bc dlridcd to suit parcbsierl Ann Arboj, Jn. Ut, 1856 6;} kií;oa & [lENpiiitSüiN INBnlB ' ' ■V' C2 c3 êSÈf I IBP 'H b ij o o sslNEW HARDWARE STORE ! ! ! WE vron.p cai.t. thi: ATTF.NTinx o" t:u rrrn.w tü our tuek of it-aa: .sa., ars. sr mm .ssl. vkl. e: rmr mr je gi 9 IRON, STEEL, NAILS, T1X, C01TER, fc SHEET IKON WARE, CIIAIN AXD CISTERX PUMPS, PALNTS, OILS, GLASS, BRITANNiA WARE, céc, &c, .c, jGc. Aaü cvorj kui'l of Hardwaro and House Furnishing ELJ2 SS lijO gssS o All t. ork will bc oW at CHEAP au at hvj othor Establishment in Aiiciiigaiij íTt ay we have got the Best Assoitmcnt of CoohingP A ÈLÖR A ND l'LATE I3NT TI-IXiE STLTTJE, And will sellthem Cliiaper tlian TUE C 11 EAPLST, P1así cali aa;l s us. A!] kind! of tin ware kopt on hand. Particular attontioopald to all UíqíIi. of dj cïd 23 "s3y oö aa 02.; Hiich will bc done wKh NEATNESS A2ÏD D1SPL TCH. Plcasü cll an'l seo oirr STOVE 1?OOM in M storv of Bock; RISDOK & HEXnEKSOy. Ann Artcr. Oct. 7, 1S50. jKTjHÏTV aooDs. KICÏIGOODS! ChenpGoods! ! BACII& PIER30N TTAVEJÜSI OrEWtB TUF. CHOTCEST STOCK - OF- Spring and Summer Good to be foand In thfs Ciiy, consifiiing of LADIES'DRESS GOODS no-eit Siyles and pattcent, CAREFÜLLY SELECTE D, pui-ohssed choftf f and Warrantecl to P le ase. A!o, GEiN'TLEMEN-3 GOODS, Don-.cstlc?, Etopttf, Family Gocerios, &c. Consult yrtnr own interffttti cali anp oarir, BACH fc PIERSON ÍJ3S0 133O City Cheap Lumber Sash, Doors Blinrts, Piaster Paris, Grand lïiver Piaster, Water Lime, JSTaÜ8 of all sizes, Glass. Paint and Putty, cêc, c&c. . D. DeForesi, HAV1NG ncre&ovd hij f.ifiilitlct for dong buslneu nd enlirgcd hi Yard and Stock, is pre paiod tbs present scaEon, with tte bes,. largeet ind choa'eteaíoneditoc'Keveru thl nurlit. to aatlslv the reaionahlc expictatioiis of 11. Our motto Is notto be underroldfor cash on d-)lirery wlll not undertskclofrlghtcnthepublic byitjlug hat thüy will getihaved it they buy elsewherc, for wo presumo that otherw:liaellaslow aethey can aflbrd to. All kinds of TIraber, Joistf, and Seantling, Plne, Whltewood, Bawwood, Hemock, Planea and Matchoö Pine, Whitewood Aeh Flooring.PInnedindroníh Pin e and Whitewood Ming.Fenci Poste, OakandCedai Postt andPicltets of all 'kinds. Pint i'otl), anb Ü31)itctüooo L. -1 Ptnr, ilshan-1 Whitewood Shinglcj, Bam Boards and Barn Floor Plank, Black W.jUt, and Ch?rry nnd thin tuff, 'agon ar.d BUGGY AXLES and TONGUES, Boxnd Body Lumber.Maplcl.og Timbor, Hickory, Oak, Ash, EIm, Beech, Of a!]-,liic!cnoaseB,wi'Jth3 andlengtha, &c. &c. Piaster Pajis, and Piaster ofallfcinds. 3STiilaB of 11 lzee, c., c, 6'ASII, DOORS, cfe BL1JVDS, Dade byhand toordei ns low as (nrtory piicee, on ho shortettnotlee bytho betof workmen, and Best Seasoned Lumber. Bill of all desjription In the above building line umifihedonthoh9rtretof notiee, for We have Müh Cutting Regularly. A ful! nndo poriect astortment of the above and othor kind of Lïuilding Materials Oonstantlv on hand at. thiloweatpossible ratea Cali and be Convinced. A few rods soutli from R. ƒL. Depot on Detroit Street, Ann Arbor, Mich. ROO F I N Ct. j, B - I am now operating Hxtenaively in the Patent Cement Koofmg. THE PEORÍA MARINE & FIRE IXSURANCE COMPANY. OF PEORÍA, ILLINOIS. Capital, - - 8500,000. ' oe of the HKAVTBST, SATKEI and BEST IiLsuranco I 'o'n. in the U. Insurja nu r::isnablotcrm. and ;iiwayfl pay prompily Thcre il nu belter Fii'C Insuvance ■ 'ompany. -------- j Ayer's Cherry Pectoral, '