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Are Your Cattle Healthy?

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The following hints, for the benefit of eatüe and their owners, aro worthy of attentiou. Especial heed to tho hints about food and water wilt profit many farmers, who though not naturally j man, often treat thcir stock most , nusly, either Üirougïi c.irelssncss or ference: Mix, oecasionally, one part of salt with foui", uve or six parta of wood aslics and give the mixture to different kinds of jtock summer and winter. It promotes appetite, and tends to keep tlicin in a kealihy condition. It is said to be good against botts in liorscs, murrain in eattle and rot in shcep, Horse-radish root is valuable for cattlc. It creates an appotitc, and is good for varions discases. Some give it to apy animal that is unwell. It is good for oxen troublcd with tho heat. It' animáis will not eat it voluntarily cut it fine and mix with potatoesor meivl. Fecd all animáis rogularly. They not only look for it at the usual time, but tho Etomach indicatcs the want at tiie proper period. Thereforc, feod morning, noon and cvening, as uear the sume time as possiblc. Guard against the wido and injurious stremes of Bfttiating with excess and starving with want. Food should be oí' a íuitable quality, and proportíoned to the growtli and fattening of animáis to their production in young and milk, and to thcir labor and exercise. Animáis that work need more food and that which is far more uutritious than tbose tliat are idio. In a dry time see that animáis have as good eupply of water. When fountains nre low tbey drink the drainage of stroams and pafsagès of water which are unv.'.iolcBome.