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Drinking Water

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Even pure water mar be drnnk to lreely in siiromer time. Persons who are in feeble health or suffer from the effacts of f-ummer diseases, wil] derive great advantage from swatlewing bits of ioe wholo, after thern iv:th their teuth, instond of tuking large draughts of iae-water, wbich often have tlie elïect to inórense the tbirst; Ibis is not the case ïf the ios is esten. A persen who dnnks water largely in the early part of a snraiiwr's d:iy, wiil be more troubled with thirst dur ing the romainder of the day tlmn if these cravings had been resisted for it few ho ïrs The more water a mnn dfinkl in suinmer, the moro he porspires, aud after a nertain pint, pewpiration bec.oi.nes debilitfttingj and is then the cause oí aisiiiwe. -t When pePjtöns nru fevorish nnd thirsty beyopÜ what is natural, indicated in BOfM cases by a metullic tate in the mouth, eepeowliy afier drinking atr, or bv a whilish appearanoe of the greatei' part ot the tonque, otie of cha best ■'coolers," interna! r uxt Tna , g to tnke a laraim, ent o'T the top, sprinkle ovor it some loaf sugar. work ir,g it downward ioto ihe lomui with tbo spoon, and thon stick il slowly, nqueezing tha lemon and adding more mrgar is theaciditj increase.s ironi benr brougli! up from a low point ín valida with ieveHshness muy take two or threo lemons a day in ibis tnanner with the most markud benefir, manifttod by a sense of coolness, comfort, nnd nv goration. A leinon or two thus taken at ' toa-time," as an ntire suhstitute for the ordinary "suppcr ' of surnmer, would givo tnftby a maft a comfortuble night's nleep and an awakOning of rest an(1 invigoralion, with an arpetite tor brunkfast, to which they ure ntrangurs who wiil have a cup of ten or stip per of "reüsh" and " cake" and berries or peaches and cream. The leinon thuí eaton was the groat physicai solace of General Jackson in nis last illnesa, vvhich w s consumpti n comí ined with dropsy. It loosepnd the cough and ralieved htm ofmuch of that annoving hackint; and hemming wuich atteiidsdi.soa-es of the throatand lungs, many times more efBuient, spuedy, and safe than any lozungo, or 'Trochea1' eyer awailowed.


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