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Douglas In The South

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1. Kesohed, Tiiat we, tlia domocraey uf Ivontucky, iu State convuutiou asse:ubled, tiilcc tl) is oucasiüu t.o rencw our plodgos offidoity to tlio established principies and orgauization oí tho natkiijul demoaratio p u-ty. 2 That through sixty years of our natioual exirtoaue, the dumoerutio party has maititftiaed a distÍDot'rve orguizitioii, a id gcacrally controil'jd tina ailiuiuistr.iti'i:) of tlie Foilaral govoriiioout. Tarou_jh all tha viüissitudes ot' laat long and ol'teu p jriloua period, tha reaerved righta of tlio scver'il rftatas and tlio peopld lavc beea preserved iuviolate, wbile tlia Federal govornniont, admi:iistered withi.i tlio speciíied gnints of tb.j ooutitutiou, has proven tlie souroe of individual liai)piut:sd aud freedom to oar peopio, ajd of glory and power to our country as a niuiou Holding as we do, tsiat these graat re salts huve fullowod uminly l'nnii tiie pruvailing iuüuence of the djinaoratio party, ad that iheir perpetuatiou ís düpondent on its preservatiou, wo would ba t'alse to our conviotioiis of p.itriotio duty, and perfidious to pusturity, if we should desert it for any onuaa. 2 That tina cuiiveution eordialiy npprovo the platform adopted by thu regular natioüal democrática couveiitiou ut Charleston and ISaitimoro, as tin: plat form of the natioual demoaratic party. 4. That this platfarm expressos, in lauguage as pl.iin as uan be employed, tho basis of the compromise moasures of 150, adopted by the sages of tlio democratio and whig part es, aud rntiiiud by the national convoutioiis of butii pai-t.ies inl8ö2, and subsequontly carned out in the billa orgíxuiíiug tho Territorios of Kausa and Nebraska. 5. That the prinoiples embraccd in tlüs Territorial policy wors adoptad by patriotio men ot both partie in 1850, for tho sake of the peaoe and liannouy ot' tho Union; and that the sama policy ia as uüoessary now, for the same noble aud patriotio purpos, as it was theu. 6. That we cordially approve the oourae of those dolegato.s, at the national oonveutiou at Baltimore, wno refused to withdraw trom the cou vent ion aad to ibaiidou their party iu tho hour of i:s trial and peril; and tbat we earuestly dssire, aod will zealously labor to preserve, the nationaüty of the denioorutio party and ita orgauization, beliuving that its aucoes will red'mnd to tha safuty, proaperity and happiness of tha wuola Umou, the uphuldiug and supreniauy uf the eonstitution, and tlia presrvation of tbe equal righta of tho oitizeus io every sectiou ot' oar coautry. 7. That the peoplo f Kentucky, alwa3'8 loyal to the the oonltuuuou of tht constiution of thoFtíderal govcrnmcut,vrill regard with indigaatiun any proposition or policy whioh has for its objcet the disturbiinoe of tho harmony or ondangf ring the existence of the Fcdral U:]ioi), and will hold it the duty of avary putfiot tu ■'frown down evory attenipt to aliénate one portion of tho oountry froin tbe rust," 8. That tho uiiited deraooraoy of Kentucky having, on the niutu diy of Janiiary last una.mnousiy p'edged the deniooracy of Keutuuky to fin hoaiist and indus; rious support of tha n miiuaos óf tha Cnarleston convention, we ara deterin.ued tu rodojin this piedgo by uííu all honorablb meaus to curry this goud old Coinmonwealth for Stophen A. Duuglas and Hersi'hel V. Joansou, thu regular noramees of tho democratie party for President and Vica Prosidoat of the Uuited Otates. MISSISSIPPI. Wiiersas, Wp, a portion deinocraoy of the Suite of MUbissippi, in in convüutiovi asseuibled, desiring tbeperpotuity of the üoion upon the ooiigtitütional eqüality ot' tlio States, and desiring to prolong and perpetúate thosa grent principies upon whieh rest our present greatness and prosperity as a frie paople, and for t'ue purpose of promoting tho suoocss of the uational democratie pmfy in tha present struggle, wc place befuru the peopie of Mississippi tho following resolutians, nad iiiTite uil patrioU of all partios in the State tp rally to our support, in ïr.a'mtaining the usagea of tlio party, proclainnng its prinofp'es, and standing iinnly by tho regular nouiiiu'es of tho Baltimorc coavontiou, made on tha 23d oí' June, 1860. 1. Rasóla I, tho nitio.ial dernicratie party of Miss.ssippi. in co iveution assembled, That we mot ojrJwlly a,id truly endorse and affirn tho platform of principien laid down by the late cjnveution of tho uational dumcratio party at 13altimoro, and renard tiio notniuaíibus then made of the Hori. Stuphen A Dinglas and the Hon. Uerschel Vr Johnson aa cminenUy fitto be made, and in acoordance with the time-honorod usages ofttie nntional democratie party. We therefore pledge ourselves to tho cordial and free support of our noininee'? to tiio full estfiitt of all honorable means, and invite all deni'icrats to renuw tlioir fealty to the great uational democratio part}', ;md suppoi't freeiy its principie and ribsiiiuatípHs, as the ouly ïue.ius ófdéTeatirig tha black repiiblican pnrty oí' the North, and of presovving the Union ar.dor tiio constitution; and iu the spirit of patriotio duvr,íion tu t.lio constitutiun oí oor father, and tbe T"qíu r iDc-eerdto''l by Úí4 !ifA ■ r?.:t-ioo of Washington, Jefíerson, Madiion, Jackson, and the groat patriota whoRd ashcs repaso and raingle with tha soil of our cominon country, we earneatly cali apon all to aid lis by tlicir support and confidence n tilia tba hour of peril to tbs birthrights of Amorioan freomen. 2. lletolai, Tuat wa rftitwata and affirin tht great national idea of no:i-iutorfuranoo by any and all foreigu Power with the afíairs and in3titutions of the ! North Amnrioan continent; and tha' oxpansion by the íurt'uer aoquiaition of turritory, and indefinit8 increaso in tho ole nieuta of social and national prospority, is the destiny of the American peopli'i and thit the aiiifonn application o f tho graat aitional principia of absoluto non-inturfdronoe with tho dotneatio i.istitntioaa of the Stataa. Territoria, snel Federal dotnain. and the District, of Columbia, by the l'uderal OongreSs, will pre.iorro tha Uuioa of tha States hndr thu ooustitution iu the bonds of frattrual aud raoiprocal aatio:ial bi-otherhood. 3. fliêohid, Táat thÍ3 oonvantion do3 linatoa a:id appiiits tha tton. Samuel MattfievH as an elector of tha national dainooratic party oí Miá.iis.ippi for tha State a! larga, and Oapt. J. tí. R. Tayár, Marshall county, as aíturnato; tbe Hon. Daniel 13. Wright, of Tishoniingo. as elector for diutnot uumbor oue, and i. N. Niüy ■.!, of Tisi m no, as ütar;;ate; 0)1. it vV. Fiuruy, o;' P)it)t)3, us dloctor for d'ntr.ot nu nbjr tw), aad R. D Stropshire aa altérnate; anl E. Disinak'is as eleotor for distriot uumbar thi'oe, aud J. McD);iald as altanuto; fcnd that farthar appjint;ao.its bj p53tptwd uatil the adj mraed uüat.ii oí thi cja7oiitio:i, to be huid at (ira mda oa tha 15t!i oí' Aant, 13).), wiu.i ths iiflkt vrül be OOüiplstod on OoaforsDOí with delj.-atás vrho hvo beéo or miy ba appinted i.i the diffureiit era itioj tj majt at thj tima abovo moiitioned. GEUllGIA. Ruokad, That this oonvention of tlie demosratic party of tlio State of Georgia hereby ratir'y tlie noimnations of Hun Stephen A. Donglaa and tba lin tlursoIk-I V. JoIiqïou for tha'oifiüoa of aud Vioa Pröaidteut of tbe U.iitod .States; a id ápproVa t.ia pl.vtf r.a of principies idoptud by tbo demooratio p:irty at BaltLirirti. liego eed, That thig convention, throuh ita President and Vica Prosideuts, imiitu hu Hoo. öiephen A. Djuglas, tha oandid ite of tha aational dj;u mraoy for tlie Prtsidtiiicy, to viait this Statu at his oonvouionoa. to exohaage oourtesies With his friöiids, and romove tha prajudioas oí' his cucniics.