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Good Opinion Of One's Self

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whito people sometimes tliink neroes inoupablu of taking ara of themselves, negi'Oes nornetirnes think theinstlvo. marter thun white paopld. iioruis uu umusing nstunco : The luto Ciiiöf Justioe Marshall while riding one inornin to eourt in lita siiiiile cui'ii-ige, liin hoiv;o fall and brok". n shaft. He was puzzled what to do Torn, a neighboring negro waafOnw hippjoiuü to driva up, h askad Ton if ho Ouatd halp hi;n nut uf hls diificulty. 'b, ye?i ra.ias.i," if you'.l Uad rau your knifa " To;n tooit the knifa and out a sapling polo and a ripa vina frin a nighlMring thiüka:. with whioh he spaedily splioed ap tha brdkefl shuft. 'Now, Tora. 8;iil the Judge, "w'ay didn'tl think of thut ?" '" O, massa," replied Tora, "you knnw i'ime propte hah more iense den uhen.' L2g" A buriesquo on the J apunóle recupuon recenUy lo k piuco in HUtrtford. Tha Titjiet cave, sdch display of :ill that is odd, oom'tual, (rtrange, and out re, is saldom ttneMcd. Moratium ïi hundred toftk pare in the nfftiir, an'J na two nt thein w era dras?ed alika. - Tliose wh;i persnnatéd the membera of the ambuísy couniorteitod the chnraoter i:i drusa and apjJoarance ndrninibly - One wora n drass oí foalhora ooTering liead und body Another wiis casod in irmorof omra, ith ti hat bro:id as an ii!i)bre!hi, ind terminatinjj in a pasik tiiree or fonr feet 'vj}. Another pars'iniiteii a wolf, in muk and iurry shagsy body oovei'inuf Lobster liosos, gpoat Díoup, iityr, and ill transa rhinga wero to be eéen All sorts of inuongrooüa and parti-oolnred Srtiéleí thade Üp The drasMen (A othern. The caifilig that buró the s;irfeou of tho emlniSKy was furnished uith large pit sa'.vt,fnnd:tblü knivas, imd uthar surgica! iiupipinents "f a gigantió size. 'lhé ttiusio of the '■nnd, i-oiitiiir.os tfie Tinet, must have !ee i ' t!. barb .riun ears. A- a uhole, the aff.tir was a .uetiess, judgino; by thn ero W da it attracted, and the laughable ludicrous appearance of the procession.