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How To Do Up Shirt Bosoms

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the rlothus are r;ady to iron, take pearl girtrob, maka it rather tliicl: wlion boiled, (h!co tliiok jelly.) tub it into the clothes over niglit - r.cxt inorning iron iu tha whj ti-ll dn, Huve au inming board - the h'zj uf tho bós'oin.a with tliroc or four thickiv.sses of cloth scrod over it to run rmáet Che bosoms- nc.',7 take a linea olutb, Ifet it aai wi-ing ib out as dry ai you ca.ii, and with itjust dampen by , ly rubbing it over the bosóm. Take your polishiujr ira:i r.nd ru i it bard and quiokly over it - i f you want an extra shino on, dampon a:id repoat tke rubbing. If you havo not a prilishing iro:i, ar. y QOramon rui id poiníed ron will do by usi:ig tho pbint ouly. The poJiaUing iroh should have two slightly convex surfaces- one