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Detroit, Aug. 21, 1860. ijDir. -11 o Aimi .-. Sir - líen: I am aguin in Botfoit, iftcr a trip to Chicago and back, via Miel. Central Ilailroad, fooling nono tho wörsc for vc;ir and all the botter a ride in onc of thoso ncw sloCping cara. - Wo Btartcd ñ'oni this city at 7.o0, A. M., and anivod ia Chicago at 8 1'. M. .safe and sound and o:i timo of The ! trackia very Sinooth, and tho cars larve, aiiyp freo from dust. rTi:i a pleasan't ride of twclvc hours, tho scoucry is bcautiful, aud ílouriehing villago.s aud uitics arcsUuatcd aloug thc road. Qur attcntiou wascallcd, particu larly, to Ypiilaiiti, Ann Arbor, Jackson. Marshall, Battlé Ci-ock, Kalamazjo, and Nïlos, whui-o the sound of the Lammer ;iiid aaw wliowud that the citizena wei-o eatorpi-ising and go-aho ad pcoplc "of the ; real oíd stock.'1 Politica grow moro exciting as tlic time for clectioa draws near, and from appcarances Douülas i.s ahcad. Chicago is a livcly aud go-ahead city. After atteuding to out business in that city we ehartered a berth iu ono of those ncw Bloeping oars aforesaid, aud fecling vory tircd, wo went to sleep, and woke up rested in body and mid at 7.30 o'cloek, A. M., in Detroit, roady for business. A person's conseiencc is liever troubled by hjhvj in one of thosc elegant sleeping cars, so well veütilatcd and ncatly furnished. Thia is positively the best aud safest conducted road in tho West and cannot be beat in the world. The road is doing a groat business, as the passenger trains were wel iilied and the freight traína werc heavilj laden with all sorts of meroliandise. Thc Conductora and all men in the ernploy of this road are gentlemanly and aeooraodating, andstrangetg from all partsof the world who travel it speak highly of it and its superintendent, Mr. R. N. Ricé. They never fail to niake tlieir eomieutions , are alffays on timer, and accidenta unkpown. Wo would advise all who travel through this State to take the Michigan Central Rail Road, on account of its being the shortest and quiokost route, its management, smoolhnesá aud comfort genorally. Vóry respoctfully, yours,