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Representative Convention

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Reprcsentative Convention- 4th District 1-. .U!. : .!.■ Iroiu Ulo soveral TowDshil.,, ,,,,„.. Uio Foiirth Represent itivo I a .,..i,.,i tu mtut in üiuvention ut UUI LSI i. on SATUR PAY, PETT Isl, if'O.atl o clook, 1'. SI., to non ito ialature. beentitleil to tho sumo uumbaroi LVuntj Couvuntlon. ]!v unk-r oí tho Coiumitteo, W. A. JOXE, Cim. August stli, 1808. Representativo Ccmvention- 21 DistrictTlw Democratie IWpgatüJ from i.' leveral Tiiwo.iliips coitiprislDg 2d Roprewntativo I'l tri c,l i,.i:i 't si tho r,,un Hont In the City of Ann Artor „n Saturday, Scptcmbeï lt. 1860, atï o'clock P. M., l„ „omínate i i rulMatc fur ftejirospntatiïoiu tho State . Wature. Ecb Townshfp will b entitlod to th i-'aiiie nuiubiT oi delcgute ás in tUaCounty Coayentiou. 1'. wrNEG IR, j. j. i-Aiisn.M i,. August 24üi, 1SC0. CmmittccRepresentative Convention, T!t Democratie Convention lor the '[ Representativo district oj WsihU'naw Connty, willbcheld nl the Anici icaii Hotel, Saline, on Baturdi 3 . & ptomboï Bth, at 1 u'rlw-k, V. M., for the [urpos of nominating á fof Rpjiresentatlvein Uit State Logigiaturo. Bv or'ïiT of TUK COMMITTEE. Saline, Aug, 28th, 1S60. 8th District Senatorial Convention. 'ihf l),-m -i-r.itic l'imvi'iition fur tfaa Stil Senatorial d&txfel w ui !■■ lui 1 at il'.o Aiii''i-iitii nou-I, Saüae, tra minia)-, Sipt. S!h,at 11 u'cUick, A. 11., lor tlio bui dom of iKnitii:itiiiir a candidato for Senator. Eaob Townsliip will hc entitled to tbc smuo rciireseutatiun as in tho C'ounty Convenüon. lïy order of THE COMKITTEa Slline, Ang. 2Stli, 1800.