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The Completed Census Of Cleveland

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laad givod tho " Forost Oi'y " n total populuLion oL 43150, an increaM ainee le50 if 26,516. The couuty, Cuyahoga, has a popu. latiou of 78.1'Jl). 99" We havo reooiveJ tho August numbcr of Wackuood's Magaslnt, haring popen as followa : Natioiüil Difcncea and Voluntcors, Lord M'vciiulry and Dundofi. ïhaPureuit .f Tantia Topeo. Tho Grciit Eiirthqunko at Lisbon. Norman Si aalair: Au Autobiogrnphy - Part Vil. Wyoliffe and the üiieguenots. Domine qiio v:ulis ? Tho Transi ioa 3-,t o of our Indina Knipire. Bla:kviitl is raprlatöd by L Scoit A Co., N Y., at $3 a yoar, or with tho fouiReviews, $10 EF" SdinoboJy bas borrowd or carried offthroe numbers of tho Edcclic Magaz'ne, aüd wc wmild bc miicli obligvd to the unknown 8omcbudv for an car y return of lic suma.