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Judge Douglas In Virginia

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New York, Aug. 27. Judge Douglae bad an entlmsiastio reception at Norfolk, :ml spoko. in the prosenco of !S,000 people. lu the middle of his address a slip of paper was handed to liin. It was cut frum the Nort'oliJJuii Argm, and contoined twopoliteqiralíor,s. The tirst was, "If Abraham Lincoln bu elocted President of the United States, would the soutliorn States bc justitie 1 in seceding i'rom the Uniou?;' JuJge Jouglas said, To this I einphatically anwcr no. [Grcat Applaute] Tho clocion of a mau to tho Presidency by tho Ymericau pcoplo in conformity witli the onstitution of the United States would ïotjustify a:iy attem;it at dissolving this lcrious conl'oderacy. [Applausc] Tho econd question was, "If tlicy, the southrn States, soceded trom tho Union upon nauguration of Abralimn Lincoln, bel'ore ie conmiitted aiy ovort act agaiust theii' onstitutional righls, yïll yon advine or indícate resistance by fore to thcir eccssiou ?"' 1 answer uinjihatieully that it s tho duty of the President of the Uui,üd States and all others in authority uuIer him to euforco the Laws of the Uuied St.ites passed by Congress un.l as the toarte expound tliem, and E, as iu duty jound by my o;ith and a íidelity to the onstitution, would do all in rny powjr to id the govenmiont of tho United S:atea u raaintaining tho supremacy of thelaws gainst all resistance to thoin, coinc froui yhatever quartur it inight in othcr vords, I think the Pceaideftt of the Unicd Sta-tes should treat all attemp'.s to jrca'í up the Union by resístanos tj its aws as üld Elickory troated tho uulliliers u 183 [Applausj.] Petersburg, Va., Aug. 27. Mr. Douglas arrivod here this eveuing 'rom Norfolk, and was enthusiastically recoived by 3,0(J0 or 4,0U0 poople, whö, íeaded by a band of niusic, escorted him o Jarrett's Hotel. A aaluto of 100 guns was firod in his honor.