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. . a. i. i. I .1. KMisUUO . ' O D. L. WoOD.&CO. ■c nuw -ecdvijg and optnicg A IL-arge aïid Beautiful - OF- 5-i-a-p-l-o a-n-d F-a-n-c-y I DRY GOODS! GROCEBIES, CílOCKEIíY, LADIES' AND CEILDRE2PS SEO ES, $w í-r. L. AT THE OLD STAND OF D. L. VOOI) " '■ net bton lougU titUt tho recnit "■■,:. mprice in the Lasfr MttrMt a.d icill bo sold corretpondingly C1LEAP. We wonlil rcpretfully invite the eiiizcnsof Ann Arbor and the urmundingfconatj to CALL AKD EXAMINE OUR GOVDS! As it i no troubte to show lope BY FAIR AND HOXOEABLE DEALINO To irorit n 1 bcral of tbeir pnfronngc. ü. L. WOOD. W. O. F08TKR. HVfí sf'f o' Public Squar Ar.ii irbor, April 20. l(í60. 743tf O TJITERUAN HEAD -ÜUARTEBS! TU E MOST CO.lirl'ETE CLDTHÏNG EMP0R1UM ín I&ichigan ! CONTAIKÍ TUE STOCK OF GAIIMENTS EVER OFFEHED FOR SALE A' TUIS M J. R K E T! OUR SPllirVG & SITilMER C9 O % S il't A'.'r;.) evert,thing u-hich th'fasltien d tintes dcmand, and can sM tftem ch&iper íAan gny other Ettabü&hment in thó State. WE BATÍ JIORE TülN 1COO 3Liiíorx Coat, Oí'EVLP.V TAHIETT OFF-lflIIOX, ?aeh uSnlf fecta tai ftoek O-tí, c, nn atocturedb: wnwlvei, ttma $" lt q1""" " a Urge auoitoicat of DPvESS AND FROCK COATS 'jf everj qualitv, of Brown, Elae tnd Fancr Colon Webavotbe LA TE S T S T Y LE 5 -OF Frcm (he flntut pkttenn, plsin ü1 faney, in the wide vride world. The most fastidiuus cao be jatisücd 0} our largt' and newly neiccted stock of COLLARS AND SHIRTS, Orllkinl. Ctmwti, SMrtPwoiiit, HnJkrchfc. 8a itiidem, L'mbrclla..('rpetnag, Trankfl.ta Ihí rich "i'i.frum the finest silt ta tie ortent Muuntuin Kiil. ah-i'a!y to (it.thehiind of every cu1i:mcr You can Sud cvf rythlng 6 our establishment wbichtU world ofío Um Umdiag cuuiiiumi' o z: x, c rwr icac se w: sa-AND- CLOTH FOR CUSTOM WORK.' We have a!:-o the flaest French and BelgianBroad Cloth, FinajOM tnwTM FacySilkp4UroilleVUnji Ve We DuldaUo cali lúe nt'.entioD of tli ?tud■nts, ?!v ihexialnaling ca, if ny of türm want a UOOlHTrlNU 8UIT, 1( them enne to ."ÜXHHF1M in urder to (tel aK'ind fit. Tliankful for pst patrom;e ti Dur ol.lcu?.t iserfli we invite as many new uue-n lo cume and g;ve os a cali j 't íaü :o e (uiterman' HMciqnsrtm, before ü ing eewbire. M. OLTlUiMAX k i O. Ann Arbor April 11,1860. 7tf FilESH Llï RIVAL - OFISTJirvV GOODS. - AT- STRONG'S New C'hcap Gash Store. GRF.tT BARGA1NS ARE OFFERFX- a la:ge lio of ■ Sük Parasols from 4s to $3,00. The bcit of Watch Spring Steel Skirti, Five Cents a H- O- O- P- . Tip Top 3G inch Umbrellas, ouly I2s other iizes in proportion. Alaigestock of TrlnU venlow LACE AND PTELLA SHA WÍS, LA i E AND CLOTÍI MANTLES. STRIPED AM)PI.AL K1IEKTIXGS, YANKEE NOTIONS, EMBROIDERIES, Hats & Caps, Grocoxies Crockery fte.i fes. AIko a Urce Stock of Ladies'Shoet AL 1' lQjer etnt less (han uzual 43r No troublo to tbow Goods. Cali and examiut-, at Suong'a CIIEAP CASH STORE. EXCUANOE BLOCK, ANN AUBOR, 'i W. M O U G A N , Agent for Mutual Ufe Tasurance Gimpany, Hgw Vnrk. Aicumulate.1 A?t, .... J,350,000. the lemdlns Life Insurance Compnny in the U. S. Kmck i b"Ck-r Ufe lnsiirance (Vmmny, New York, ■ cUwa nft Co. - lenns reationuble. llnmboliU Flre Insurance Compauy, New York. Ckaltal. with a rft urplun, - - $200.000. . i.l iUrint' A: lire Insurance Co., Peoría 111. _hot No. 1 Kirc iDioranc -. 70Ttf C;-:iai, .... 600,eoo. Ur WlTU lífJb'JÍMJtS.' THE CLD AND EEIXfiBLE Olothing Emporiumï ! NO. 3 P U (E N IX B L 0 CE, MAIN STUEET. : T7TT33ia.. VvA C3r 3XT3IÏ JEL , . .t retunieó" frrm th& Ea'.tcra Ome, rciïh a lnifp aud .11 . SPRING AND SUMJIER GOODS! hich bo 3 üpw cLTf vi j at nnunuallj lUf-ng bii AifoiíD:c-nt iiiay b? fouad 13KOADCLOTIIS, CASSniERF.S. DUESKINS, & VE6TINGS, of all descrir331! fíieeíal'y &T Sxisaiamei "Ween which hc is Cuttfn .-pd inakïng to order, ín thelntsi and bcit ntyltïs, tuetbcr wr.h a superior aasorttuent of REA D T 21 A DE CLOTIUNG' TRtnOU CAIÏPET BAGS, U1ÍBKELLA3, nd Gcntlcmen's Furnishing Goods, w::h n-imorous other firciea ujoally found !a similar , tr'tuLiKi'tiixenU. As ANKMPOBÍÜM 0FFASÏI10. t o tubtribcrflatter h:'melf, that hit long ! ural $ico. wiii cnsb c hijs to giva tbr gf-tWi n'.i factiiin to &U wlw nuy trust hiia iu lbo ny of m..n■. ua. wring gariueuU tuoid,.--. C A I, I, EARLY! ind !cif vour ordom. WM. WAGSEK TO I1OUSEKEEPLRS. SOilETHING KEW.- B. T. BABBIT'S L'LiT Mï. LIC AL S.U.LLATLt. Is nuDufactnred from cctnmna ialt, sud ir u pit-fiaio iniiioiy different frt)ui othcr Sleratu. j U; tho (lólHerkm icr.ller etrnctd in suca i Ui f i Dfiüuer a to pnxluc1 C:c.1, llifctit, ard al - 0 1 tfaida of Cake, wiihoutoaatftiol&g a partiële o1 '$ 'alera tus wl.t-n ibe Efitad er CaVo :s baked lueing wbi ïe nu neulU. 1 verj , j. .-i Baleimiua is tureed to ga.-, tod ac tbraugli ibe Bread and Biacuit hile iaking. i? L? ■ romaÍL butecmoiD Fal' UU -Vater. anl Finar. Yju willres41l5 perecive. b y tft4Mtoof i:ii SaJentas, that it i catijd: L) üflvnot froio otl.crFateratus. U [til paokvd mi ooa muod paper?, cacb wrap Q tKTbraodird, ':b.T. Babbitt'v Boat ile.licins' lj LC Nileratim;1 airo, picture. twisteO kaf cf breal. V U _ vi;h a gUra of effervMctag valer on the top..- J A" hen y o u ,'ü cbase oncpaper j"o ebuW pre x ■■c tmppsr. sr.i be particular ín got xln J x axactly bka the ftrit brand as abrv. I vi l.iïuk and Sour Ullkor Croan lartar, illac ■'Ui pa?. y eaoh j-ickíe; aluo. directione: foi .iiakincall kinds of ranrj; also, for makinp odjt Water and Seidlitr Powder. ') O KAB1E TÓÜR bwÑ SOAP mth u B. T. BABBITT'S PUKE COXCLNTRATK! C1 POTASH. w Wsrraote1 doable the trengtb of ordlnar? 'A r'olab: put op in CAn- 1 Ib, 2 lb, S Ib, ' Hl ba, -tod 12 lbf- wh fulï direotlonnfor o . ;Y AND Hard and Poft S"ap. Consumen wtU 8od tU. N :hi clicap"ft articïe in markot. r Manufacture! and for aale by O r. t. BATimrr. '4,06,68, 70, k 74 Washington Bt.,N'ew York. n NEW YORK LIFE INSURANCE COMP'NY. Accumulated Jan, 1860,61,767,133,24 MORRTS FRANKLÏN, Prnidmt, J C. KENDALL, Vhx Pre$iéett PLINY FREEMAN, Actuary $100,000 DEP0S1TED wüh ïhf C-.rr.rtro'.lerof the State f New Tork. Ditídoodj averag 40 per cea t. anauaUj. AS9BTS. PaihloBank, 8185.40 ltT?ste.1 in ecuïíie. crfaf! unflpr the tawof thr te of New York and of the U. S. , 258,870.;9 lU-slEtato and Ffcrtnrw, No. 112aodlH Bnmáwij 132,45" 04 rínnilunnd MortflgPRdrftwinR" perct. interest S83,998.39 Xote reosivad 40 per cent. of premiums on Hf? poiicic, bv.niinp Intewi, 076.315.85 QjAiteiiy and fmi-ar.niMl premiums, due sulsequent to Jamiary 1. 160 40,550.88 rntcreit accrued uj to Jau. 1 , lSfO, 86.J8S.77 RenUaccrucduptoJan.l,lí60, l,70.34 Premium on poücie iu handa of Agenti, C6,4419 1,7;J33.24 Dr Wsuüand Lbhtit, Hedical F.iaminer. 74Stf J. G1LBEBT 8MRB, Snt. SEWlNGMACHINE YXT E would respect f ully tnfonn the citiienB of ANN' AR V HOK, and all üurrouutling cotmtry, that wf hav oIued ruonis for Ihe eale of the folio wring wcU known and popular Sewing kfaotitoéa GROVER & BAKER, WEST & WIiüON, FOKEST CITY, THE PEARL, CLEVELAND BLO AT, & RA Y MOND Any personi wiihing to examine nar axflnrtment vil ptrar-e favor un with acallatour rooms, dircctly over the (!un Sfaop, in Thomptiou & Sutberland's block, from 8 to 1 i a . ï:i . . :i i 1 1 io 6 p m . c. t. wiujoT, a. j. prrniroiujD. LADIES' DEPARTMEWT. HImBL&BT A. HF.UBKKT wül tnke chsrge ol thU Uepartuiont of our businCMt Hua doall kindnof FITTING ANO SEWIXG, And give iantrnctionn in the une of Mach inca to nuchar wishbav o uire a knowlcdge "f them WILMüT & SCTHERUND. Ann Arbor,Feb. 28, 1890. Taïtf LOOMIS & TRIPP, 6uccexoTe to Chapín LoomÍR,an(lCbapin, Tripp A Loomia THE aboTe örm of Loom ik & Tripp haring purchased the catire interest of the formor iBOBpaiiiM will oontinue the business nt the oM ntanijA, wIhtc ther wilt ready, od the ihortest uutice, to fill all orders iu the line of Castings and luacliinery, fa the most workaiAnlike raanncr, and on as liberal term af any other filiop in the St;tr Aimn? 1 lie varioux articleftnanufactured bv us, wc irould euuinerate STEAMENGINfS of Ujkindi; Mili tiearinp and KixUiros, wvoiipLt and eftftt; all ibe rarious castingafor mjiking aml reairing Ilorse Powers & Threeliinp: Machines such aff are at present, or har forme rly been in use m hi part of the State, aK well a all tin various kinds f OuUngP and machine work ca lied for by farmers aod KMbufCI inthis aection of the conti ry of all the v.vinu patt('rn, up in licsandpricei. wül bp ceptcocstantlj on hand, got the mout modern and imiroved styles. HUBBARDS WROTTGHT IROJT REA PERS & MOWEIIS. Tiaring cnram?ncvd manufacturing this flupcriorMachine, single au'l conibineu. lite farmers are in vit. l ti cali and see a specimen machine tiuw in our ware room, boforo ptircliasiugi-laewheie, bfhevin thal thU machiae need oulj to he seen to convjace thefarnier of ITS SUPERIOKITY orer the Rcaier and Mowera in this market. Thankful for fermer patrnnftge to the oM flnuii, we would aolicit a coutinnanee from oíd friends, an.1 a tria] bj all mshing for anything in our line of buslnfwn LOülilS TRIP1'. Ann Arbor.MaT 18th, 18S9. 6S7tf DE FOUEST.AHMSTÜONG t CO. DRY GOODS MEKCHAJÍT8, 8O 8 CliBinbir St. JV. V. TïfOULt) NOTIKY TUK TRAPE that tney are openin 'T Wt-fkïv, inmw and beautiful patteniw, tlie ll.-i TBR Amosls.oac, A New Print, which exrels evcry Print in the Country fo perfection of cxecutinn and design tn full Madder Col om. - Our Prints are cheaper than any ia ttarketfand roeetiug wth.,extenive air. , Orders promptly attended "32yl R EMOVAL ! o ir. nr.3xrc3-i'E3riiE3n , I T AS FOR A SI1ORT TIME REMOVED INTO Wm ALLABT S SHOE STORE, uniil lie csn t;o back int" his own Ilui.ding which he : now tniilding, xnd woald bc happy io vee ais old frieods and customert. N. B. Ice Cream by the Gallon can bo f applied to par tis at a short notie. 3. nAN'inXRFEB. Avb ArV-r. Uarrk 19 190 I.N CLOCKS, VVATCHES. AND JEWELRY. O. :BXjXJBL3, HAVIflfï ulule Uí-h nríinaí-ir.' attfith thrlmprten. uprfpsrrci to iel! WalchM, dJ moiy otbor ntíirltí, at Grently Rediired Piices! Hoed Püri-rCyünder VVaf-bn. ftt ÜO " " !' üunting Cate, 12.10 " " Arxhora ' ' 1K " J2IX) noM Ten' wlrhPÜTcrHoldnri, 1.0U l'lal'd Ten Púoon", S8 " TM, pooni. 500 Jfwclry undniny olbrr tlilntf' in proportion. Zilver and Plaied Ware! He alfo kífp fcnli' i)n celébrate d -A.X3cxorioxT Watohca, F'Tf-ry Wtch wirrnntíH to gire entircintiüfftCtioDKr hnp, a1-o ■ fio naforttnfnt of TABI.E & POCKET CUTLEUA ! ■iClSSORi', SIlF.ARi'. Bd RAZDRS.and rurirly of Musical Instruments, WtA fitriprt, Heek', ind Tr immind lor the same BRITTANïA. WARE. Hallet, Pavis & Co's Celébrale] DF ianos And n grontTjtrlí'ty of Notion tno numoroim to men tion in ap adTrtiierm nr n'l cf which li he old CHEAPFORCASH! Purtieuliir nttrntion pnid to the rrpirlr(r ft'11 IcInJ út firn? wutcben, uch ai mnkinsr and Actting Ipwrla, n-w I'ir:on, Ptnffn, and ÖyKnHpm; ' ClockJ ind lowf Irynf Bt'y rejiared ind wnrrnotod. No 27, centre of Phceniz Bïotk CAI, VIN fftSfl Ana rbor. Jnt13, (859, INSURANCE ar. vp. at ot x o ht, AtthcSt'TpolVVInrf Knijlit ia Hgmi for tno foll OWlDf f'r' i-lime IrjurAncr i'mnpnnie'js: 3EP H CE5 OST X :X1 INSURANCE COMPANY, of hartkobd. Cash Capital - - - $200 000 00 Cin CmitaL July lst '58.410,084 66 Conway Fire Insiiranre Co-, Of Conway, Mass. Capiü! paid np, - $JóO.O00 00 Asets (Cahh), . 209 963 12 Liobiütie. 16.410 03 D. C. Rofrer8. Jas. S Whitney. Secretary President. OIRECTORS, J S.WTTTTNKY. L. KIRM IH, V F.T.UTT, APV IIOVM. VND, D ■. McG'I.VHAV, E. n HÚIIGVN VVAIT BEJIÊNT, JOSIAD ALT. LP. A. II ! BI' ' I.EN W. U. niCKINiON, W T. CLAI':-. D. C.UDGKll''. Aun Arbor nrfprciicfst Dr. E WF.1,1.!, L. J4ME1 L. ÜOnflF, ËNOCHJAMKS rIT. C.f. OOOnniCTl, J W. KMGI1T p.t)1 Ann Arbor, Micliipan March 1 GKEAT GIFT SALE BöOKS & JEWELRY! SCHOFF & MILLER I XjtiBDFX.Tü VLAEE F.0OM FOR haf dctcrmincd to e!l thfir MISCELLANEOUS BOOKS -ATPUBLISHER'S PRICES, Ar. ! gire ( Each Purchaser a Present In r&Iae from 50 Cents Up to $100W1TH E A CE B00KS0LD. f CaH early an1 ?xamm 'helr BoVg and Prescnits. Auo Aibor, MalchJ, 18C0. 736tf. EXCITEMENTÜ Those New GOODS AT A . P . MILLS' CHE AP CASH STORE, (South Slde of the Public Square,) are creating t gri xciteuaat, and thote wishinj to niüks thcir SPRING PURCHASES, are inrited to cali and examine tjles and pricei boIitl' purcbaiting. IV ice Chalilos from Is to 2s. Laicas, Biraget, Foufads, Ctnpemrnis, Bulzarines, Bnlhanls and Fancy Siks ín great varictv, nd of tb latísl pattenli. Silk, C'rape, and Cashmere hawla xtrj low. A Splentlid Stock of Prints from 6 cte. per y uva up. Hoop SVirtsat one half tho uaual príee. llats aud Caps, Ladies and Cbildren's Shoé9 ! ! Suramer Clotbs and VrstingH in ffrt Tariet.r of Ptpm.', wbic ■ I htn preiMirc-i lo makr up nd WAKRANT A m. A full assortmcnt of Domestic Goods Crockerj and Grocerics. 11 of wliich I offer tt the lowtst ah prict. I m not U) be undoraold. A. P. MILLS. G roccrics & Provisión . SLAWS(JN & GEER, HAV1NG stabHshftd theraítclred In the Groory buioefis wou M infurm their fricncls anl cuntomors íiat liii'ywiiiiUl bo tmppy toaeo them at tbeir store, where Uiey baveou band a Large and Choice Stock -orFamily Groceries, including eveiy thing in.tholine. AlsoProTiaionsof &11 kindsrSugan of the bpt quallty, Sjrups of all kioi!, Beet of (.'o!loc, F.rist clau Toa, etr 3P-A.IX1M PRODUCE bougbt and sold, and the bighest pricpaid in Oib. H bas aUo on band a constant sujipiv of Water Lime and Piaster of Paris, wbich wili bo aoldattho loweat rat . The euboerfbers wtubit dlttinetly undArttood tb at tlïf Till not b undroll by aoj iablithment in the ojkr Arr Aprti I. 18W.