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Buying A Husband

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charming raaidep, in Indiana, the fortúnate posseaíor of a cousiderubly propcru-, became engaged fc:r marmge toa green, unuttrsctive, cluraaey boy,ol 18 veniH The day f thu wedding ;is Cxfd, and the conree of rcwtie lovie was ruiming ptnoottily eoough. One cy, the groom expeetont appe:ired üeforë bis niiwtrt'SH witli wripklud brow, quivcring chin, evos fillud with tcii ''.My fa) har wy I t-h-.a)'. marry, unless I pay km for my ttmé. Thia was a I he paiJ. The joman at once sent bitn t the f-hurp narent, with ittn;cd tia to lcarn tho ltiwít rute of eushange at vchith Ihe time conld bo traiwmutcd iuto inoney. "I will ná yon," Baid the í;ttber, Hár 8"20U, and nrtt a rent l;ss." "And I ill bi;y you,' leturned the clampel, whon tho cffer w..s ciinmiunicatcd to bcr. Sim jinW the monay, niitrriert the property, nd hns fince ep úaiduMi8ly cuitivuted it, that a gieat im}ro!M-.:nt, pocsonally, iporally, and Dteüeotually f)a tíiken i lare.