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jjtamtif 3BtrertüTi. WAflITEKAW L0I)GENo9, of the Inilfpendent order of Odd Fellow? meet at their Ludje Room, ev.'rj Priday eieuing, st 6 H oxtock. U. B. WILSON, N. ■ F. sobo, Sivyv. TVV1TC1IELL ie CLARK. Attorxkys and Counsellor at Law. OomTal Lift ui Fire Iusurancc $gmts. Offioo in City Hall Bloc-k, on Hurón ït, Ann Arbor. C.lloctioii. promptly nwde and remittcd, nd special attention paid to conveyancing. i. s. mraai, [7tf] c"rkJAMES B. GOTT, T AV OFFICE, No. 2, orerSlawson ÍL Geer's Store. ' SCOTT & TOBEY. A5IBRCTTFB k riMTOGRPH AkTJSTS, in the rooms rorWerlToccupiedbyCurdley, over the atoro of Snerry k Moore l'eïfec t sHtisfaction guanmtoud. '. ü d. godfrey, Tï-,llTiNDCoi;ssELLOBatLsw, Ann Arbor oitj. i Office Korth -EaatCurnor of tho Court House SUTHEKLAND & BELL, ♦TTdolüsalk 4 mil OBOCEBS, Earf sirle of Main street W Ann Arbor. KS Provisión bought and sold -O W. N. STEONG, DEJLER in Pry Gooós, Boots andShoes, Groceries Bonneta.Fancy Goods, &c. Exchange Block, Auu Arbor. WÏNËinrKNÏGHT. Fancy Dry Goods, Boots and Shoes, ka. ie, Main Street Alm Arbor. MAETIN &THOMPSÜÑ7 FruiTTCRS W'akb Roome, Dealer in all lunds of Furnitur, kc. New Block, ïlaiu Street. EISDON & HËNDERSON, DEALERS in Hurdivare.Stoves, house furnWnng joods, Tin Waro &c. te., Now Block, llain Stroet. "" A. P. MILLS, DïiLBR in Staple Dry Goods, GrocerleF, Boots and SUoes and Beady Made Clothing, Huro%Streut Ann Arbor. JOHN W. MAYNAED, DliLKB in Staple Fancy Dry Goodn, Boots and Slioes, 4c. &c. , Main atleet, Ann Arbor. ' BEAKEö & ABEL, Attoxneyé & CorxsELLOBS at I.AW, and Solícitors iu Chni-j. Officein the old Post Office building. Aan ■irbor KINGSLEY & MORGAÏT, ATTOEXE-re, CounsiUors, SuUcitors, and Notaries Public, have Books and Flats shnwing titles of all landa lo the jounty, audattend toconveyancingandcollecting Iemands, and to paying taxes and b(:hool intercfit in any oart of the State, bijiceeastsiieofthe Square, Ann Arbor. JAMES K. OOOK, Jfsticcofthb Pkics. Office near the Denot, Ypailanti, Michigan. J. LOVJSJOY, M. D., PHTSTCIAN íi Sl'BGïox, has permanently located in the City of Ann Arbor, and holds himself in readiness to ttend to ill calis in the line of ais profession. Kesidence onXcrthSt., 'dhouse east of CatholicC'hurch. Wm. LEWITT, M. D., Phtscun & Scbgeox. OfSce at his residence, North side of Huron street, aad 2d house West of División street, Ann Arbor. O. COLLIER, MANüTACTCREBand flealer in Boots and Shoes. Exchange Block, 2 doors South of Maynard", Stebbins tl Wüboïi's Store, Ann _rbor, Mich. ' MOOEE & LOOMIS. Mi.vrF_CTTRERs ani .lealer in Boot and 3hooB,Main st, one door uorth of J. W. Mayuard's. Wm. S. SAUNDERS, Dealer ín Boots, Shoes, aml Rubbers, Ann Arbor Casb Boot & Shoe Store, eouth eide oí Public Square. M. GUITERMAN & CO, WHOLES-iLR and Retail rter.!r?rs and manufiicturcra of Ready Made Clothing, Ira portera of Cloths, CasKi3B#rt, Doeakin?, &c. ó, New Block, Ann Arbor. ' C. B. FORTER, 4jm Strgeon Dixtibt. Offico eoroflr of Main JeQÍLJk and liaron streets, over P. Bach's ■ture, Wm. WAGNER, Dïalkh In Ready Mad Clothing Cloths , Cussimeres and Vesting, Hats, Caps, Trunlt, Carjjet Bags, &c. Main ït. , Ann Arbor. M. CAMPION, M1RC1UNT TmoR and dealer in Ready Ma4i Clothing, No 41, Pncenix Block, Ann Arbor. BACH& PIER80N. DEiLEju in Dry Goods, Groceries, Hardware, Boots & shoe, te., ilaiu street, Ann Arbor. 'MAYNARD, SIÉBBINS db CO.,' nuixu in Dry Goods, Grocerics, Drugs 4 Medicines, nt bri v the Exchange, Aun Arbor. EBERBACH & CÖ" DEiunis in Drugs and Medicines, Perfumery , Toilet arti les, a few doors south of the Franklio House, Ann Arbor. SLAWSON & GEER, Grccers, Provisión & Commission Merchants,nd dealers ín Water Lime, Laxd Plastkb, aud Plisteb ot Fjiri?, one door EaKt of Cook's Hotel. C. BLISS, DULEK in Clocks, Watches, Jewelry. and Fancy Goods, at th sign of the Big Watch, No. 27, Phoenix Block. J. O. WATTS. Diaixr in Clocks , Watches, Jewelry and SUrer Ware No 22, New Bloek, Ann Arbor. T. B. FREEMAN. Bisser and Fashionable Ilair Dresser, Main Street, Ann Arbor, Mich. Hair Fronts and Curls kept sonstantly on oand. ÜUIIOFP & MILLER. tl EALEBS in MiEcellaneouü, School, and Blank Books Sta ' tiouery, Paper Ilangings, ie, Slain Street Ann Ai bor. D. .üjsFOEEST. lU'noiiMLE and Retail Dealerin Lumber, Latb, Rhin' ' glei, Sash, Doors, Blinds, Water I.iine, Grand Rivev rlaster, l'later Paris, and N'ail of all sizes. A full and perfect aortment of the above, and all other Kinds of building matenals constantly on hand at the lowest potsible ra tes, on Oetroit Street, a few rods from Pate'SinteL'80 ' " WASUTENAWCÜL'.NTY lilBLËTocIETY. DWOSiioet or Bibles and Testaments at the Society pnces at W. C. Voorheis'. CHAPIÑ, WOOD & C0 SÜCCKS6OBS TO "KTia, OHAFINd! Go MANUFACTUKKRS OF Tri_iLt, _3oo_s., - AND - COLORED MEDIUMS, ANN AHI1OK MltJII. O. 13. ï-OHTTSlir I) E N T 1 T 0FF?aS,iÍOrBHf k Hurostreets, opposlte tlie B.r ( "' AnnArl)or"-chI,contn.ie8to t U customeri an; ,tyle of wort destod in the art Sui-gical Mechanical & Deuistry, I'articular aUfntkm I1'' ''''■VC!m""t bo l0 guras, remedyin „Zt u ' öe mouthand iloni lor childiin "nScal,'iy tht',teeüli ani Perilnentition. There are „'. 'l'ffl't and m ments lately introducid intoM f"! " b,Sutíu] inProvetor beauty, natnral pri.1. wl"'Lh cannot fail to pica.-. Whole' ?,, Et.r g ' Plate.silvorpkk'ci.tinuous „m '" , 'i '. n ,gW 950