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The First Cigar

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cías of ill-traiu.ed boys, smoking and chewing are thought to bo unquestionabls requisites to all who would bc cousidcred mauly and independent. A few days ago I saw a ragged, pale-faced, sorrowlooking boy, about nino years old, puffing what was evideutly bis first cigar. He stood leaning against a house, his obeeks drawu in, hl eyes red and watery, bis couutenauce bearing tho expression of nausoa, and altogether lookiug as tliough ho was ready to repent of his foolish bargain. Several otüer lads, a little older, stood arouud kim, encouraging hirn, anxioualy awaiting the result of the experiment. Poor, silly boy! Ho probably thought it was a fine, manly thing ho was learniug, instead of a dirty, disgusting and uuhealthy habit, which will prove a curso to him as long as he lives, if uot broken up. I can hai'dly boliove ho would have endured thu deathly nausea of that first oigar with such martyr-liko patienee, had he suapected the real nature of the procoss he was goiug through. There are othor boys every d;iy going through the same initiatory steps, uuder the samo strange delusion. Soine, into whoso hands thig paper will fall, inay bo exposed to tho same danger. To suoh I would say, beware hovv you aequire this habit. Tho usg of tobáceo, whether by chowing, smoking, or snuüïng, is both a pbysioal and moral evil. It is only evil, i and evil oontinually. The most skillful physicians in tho world havo testifiod to its dungerous cffects upou the pystom. - Tho most eminent men in the various other walks of life - olnrgymen and teachers, judges and lawyers, menof literaturc, art, seienee and moráis, have denounccd the use of tobáceo as oue of tho greatest evili of the day. It would be diilieult to íind a candid and well-infonaed man, who would seriously deny thig position, go well established is the fact.