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She Never Scolds

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you'll bo very sorry whou you knuw how bad I'vo torn ny dresa," said little Angic Wales, when slie caice from scliool ono day, "but tho teacher pinned it over so muely, you can 't sec it now ; it caught against sumo boards when I wjs running." "It is almost too bad to mond,'' said tho mother, as &he took out pin ufter pin, and examined the ront, "but I hope you thanked vour teacher for piuning it so uicely." . . ';I didn't mother, when I told her about it, sha scolded so it mudo me cry, and I forgot all about thanking; and thon said I was silly to cry f'or sculding, and asked mo if I criod every time my mother scolded, and I was thinking about that aud forgot." "And did you not teil her that I frequently coniplaiu of your cry ing so easily?" "I told her that you saai I cried ai nothing sometimos, but I novur criud whcn you scolded 'causo you nevor scolded." The mother was sileut. Sao fult that her chiM bad unconsoiouüly botoideitdéd the right and reproved tho wrong, and hoped tho roproof ïuight bo taken kindly. Aud it was so, for whunevcr the reproved was tempted to spcak harsh atid unkind words to a little child, the ocho of the words "she ncver scolds," would prevent t'ieir utteranco. LS" A &onsu tn:it soos snother drink, ve til do tho samé, thbugh it i not thirsty. The fïuatotn if drinking for cotnpuny, when ijrlnklng is disponsable and prejudksialj seeraa to bea cuse of the Biioe kind, aod to pot a njap, ioatbei-K ouly excépíod, upon a iboting witll U gOÜffC?.