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Domestic Faults

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gpeaks of the fatal intfuence of tho srnall faults on the peaco of householdi : " Homos nro more often tl;rkonod by the ci)iHi[ju:il roourreneo of smnll faultfc than by tho actual presónos of any do. ;ided vico. Thesi evils arj ppnrantly of dwaimilar magnittníe; yet tii easier to grapplo witb One tbao the other. The Eastorn traveler.s oin combino hia ioroos, and hunt down the tigor that prowls upon his path ; btrt ho scurcely esonpes tlio mosijiiitoes that ufest tha air hu brea!hs.s or th fleas that swarnn ni tho snnd he troa Is. Tha drunkurd has buon known to renounce h:s d irlini? vier; tho slave 1 1 drusa atid extravngance, her baset' iigf sin ; but the vapish temper, ther irritnting tono, rode dogrmitic maitter, nnd tha hutidred nameless nogligencos that spoil tho beauty of issociation have nirul y dono olher tlian procoed til] theaction o( disgust and gradual nlienation has turnoil all tho cMu-ronts of nffuction from their course, leav'uig notliing but a barron track over whith the mèVe skcloton of oonipanioníhip ta!ks aïotfö."