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Failure Of Crops In Europe

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fïtt Hió NT.1t.Ikii Alas for Bii?i-íi l-rnnoi-! A 1,1 :!; toud obscuros II a huri.on ui' th ir hopos, nud Ui plVYIlil l!' tht' l'l ■ "ü!1 ■■■ 1 ! til 'I !;;:: Mattere havo goiie fnmi t:nl tii e ::■ tte ■ hits iitvaiicoi'l; ■S? Rai;U';. ■ . '. !■ F::V th.'ll t) export :i iiiT-;i'. i: :.;:!: yt hov. A' Cold, ur irc Í..1 pprhig, li-liowe-1 ïy ;n unpropttioiM' mïtmnér', VvUon thcne w;i.s sotircd anythin: l)ut : 'ici:.'ssi(n n raifiV) cloliiïy :iii(l troi} il:iys, havo wvoughl thoir t'lïeeic, íiud Imwghl fUnaster tu the t-.ilfps. "D.y ly i:iy," !vh ferttltt ii'ii.-lc in the Mark Jj,i::r Erprrss, '; ''. pi'ospiict "nly becomc ihó thoto Koriimp; whilo tho vei'y plousure seekera ).'!? asido l.'rii' ovn little picrwcial cotr.forts ;ii!t! erijnjTnentfl to tnr:i to thu yravor cnnsiclufitüon of what thu poojrte wi!' tl i i' ;■ j: . i. Tliu lunst limpse of suiishinÉi Uut londa opo, wil-u'-lhe-whisp liko, t greater disap pointment. Tlia tnoo:'s cbango 'jrings only moro rain; :irnl ihn ,wi' pii (ata tifï'cr.s nu o'.licr Rpectauula tban anothcr wet d.iy." { my load the camel wiih featb ers np to a certain woight, bilt one loaOior iiiory iidded t that breaks his lmck; s.v the British orops bave strug gfed agHitist oold and Wet !y virtue cf tlio cxccllont care which Ihey roi tiihá tliè oiïïric.nt atd uf liledrainago, arïd trong hopes were onter: taioed that an average erop might bo reapcd after aHj but ahother woek of cold rjighte and stoi'my diiys hrw :ijiparently finiihed Ihoui. The oontip encied af tho -mso :ire eoougli to appaii tho heart of the philanthi'opist. Tlie agricnltTiral laborore of England. receiving barely 50 cents por dien) for theïr labor, :iro fproed tobüy tho bread of life at fannipo priees, and many a viotiin must f:icc tho probability of atarvation which awaitd him. Thoir necessity, ti this case, aouropporttinity, and henee it wïll happon tliat öur western farmers, in tlicir tinne of exuberant propperity, will rejoice at the sbort erop of Great Bntaih, and tako no thougbt of thu migery it entail'á. 'J'he leading agriéultural paper, tlio Mark Lane Expies-i, haa contented itself with faithl'ully reuording tho con ditions of the wéather and crops throughout the season, and refiained froin taking a desponding view oi thu agricultura! prospoeta', At lost, howcvor, things have come lo the worst, and it unwillingly assumea tho office of in iis lust issue On the Uoiiliniiiit tfiingd have laken n bad turn, and, uniese inoro auapioious ud vicos are reoeived by tho oe-tt two stoameröj we niay reasonably expeot that our wostern coro and wheat will a very high priee. The unfavorable weatber of tho ssoónd week of the curront rhonth haa kopt up tho pri o of flour at Pui is, Bordeaux, Marsuilles, and NantO-i. In Belgiiirn the uneertuin weather had a liko efiect. At Amsterdam tho offers of wheat were not numerous, and ces kopt firm. Tho har vest uoar Hombro' wua dcferred on account of bad weather, and barley and rye wore said to have seriously Buffered. Berlín advicea were uníavorablo aa to tho appenraoce of late potatoes, the haulin showing many dark spot.-) sinco the heavy raina of tlie JJOth and 31st of July, but the tubors had not shuwn disease as yet.