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Legislative Nominations

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Democratie Lti protteulal ve í ! tiun.i vvoro bli iu l'Y.v.', Sjoond, mul Foui'th disti lit i' '' ■ listrkt 1 of Sitj oiiKil !. : ' ! ■ i 1 II tllis distl .',:' i . . . . Hawkins, of;tbia City, was ; uatod. Mr. 1!. . i (jvoi-y vótor in f . ■ district, both os a man and ; lawyer, and ifciectci] vrill protootlhte lofour - Citytad diatHut. Ihë'distriots ia ci'osó but hitró wprk v.iil put lilm throu In tbc FourtL district Mr. Chaiil.t S. Gubqory, of Scii, an iutclligenl fai di r, and corrtpoteüt, energetic shrbwd business tnan is ilvj candidato. Th ) di ! trü-t ia Democratie, and wo liiaj snitly prodict tiiat lio will inuko a good iloprosontative. Sirlf auy of our frieudd sliould hcár stumpere or Btrcet-clcotiouuers cali i quostion the oompotaaoy or oilicial iutcgrity of the Dontoératio candidatos for Shariff and Register, thraw in thoir tücih the following cndorsoniont trom tlio pon of our legal editor of the Journal: "The convention ro-noiainated fur Sheriff the present inoumbont, Thomas F. Lconard, and for Register of üucd.s, tlie present Register, liuraüo Cr. Sheldon. - Both of thtim havo made good ojicirs." tap"3 Speaker Pennisqtos, of Now Jorsoy, lu.s (.lecilmoi.1 a re-oloctión to Oongress. The Houao nover had u more ineiSciont presiduig offiucr, and bis expedence has givon liin a juát distaste to a Congressional career. Pit.y that more men had not the good judgrnent to seo that they are out of place iü Oongress. LV Wo havo not hoen furnished witl: the proceedings of tho ReproaoQtative OoQventionsfor tho First, Seoond and Fourth distriots. It might bo well ior tho Secrotaries to send us tho tho namea of tho District Co.fnmiue.Q8 appointed, in ordor wo may publisL them and save far.her confusion.