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man Demócrata of the ttocond Ward raised a bcautiíul hiekory pole, over uno bundrod fuot bigh, n front of the resldence of Mr. N;;i;i.i.o, on Satwday evoning last. Aftor the pole was up, tho votfr present wore addressed by Oov Fkliii, Jacou Wbii,, Eaq., and N. 12. Wbikjü. The speech of Mr. Weil was in Germán; JE5ÍS" 'i1'10 P' wliioh thoy attomptod to raised was in four partí, ahout 110 feot long, spliccd In three places. Aa soon as they commenood raising it, il was disoovered to be bkc the. Douglat party, very rocak; it bent. and as thcy raised it higher, i' kupt bending moro and more, until it finnlly broke, foll to tho ground, and broko wherever it was splieod. This was an ill-omcn. - Ann Arhor Journal. Is it an "ill omen" that the polo attorapted to be raised by tho republicana of tho "lower towu" on Saturday night last, broko and feil, or feil and broke, wo don't know which? "Accidenta wil] happen in the best regulatéd lamilies," neighbor, and oroakera may find abunddance of "ül-oniens." t Tho Democratie Cónveotions for the 8th Senatorial and 3d H eproontutivo distriots are to be held at Saliuo to-morrow. iW Tho Republicana of the First district havo nominated S. M. Gjrcueon, E-q., of Ypsilanti, a3 their eandidate for Reprcsentative. C A corroapoodönt of tho Tecumseh Herald Republican, writing fron) Aspenwild, Ky., uodur dato of August 8, says : "Kentucky bein strongly conservativo did nut relish tho way Broekenridge obtainod his nominatioD, and thousauds aro dosoriing him and going for Douglas, botween whom and Béll, it is thought now tho main strength oí tho emfliqt will como in this Commonwealth." Thi.s hardly corrosponds w'.th tho ötatoiTionts made by ropubücan nowspaper soriblors, who noarly ail claim that DooóliAS has no 'strength in the South. Thediöerenco raay be attributed to tho fact that tho Ilerald'scovvospondent is on tbs ground and writes of what ho knows, and that our Lincoln cotemporarios writo of what thoy know aotbing. irtl-- ff - -► - jJg" Th Washington correspondent of tho Baltimore Sun says: "It is now uuderstood that the preasure of public opinión will insurc such a fusión of antiropublican oloments in New York that there can be no doubt of the dofaat of tbc electoral ticket and State tickot. Sonio oL.str.ole3 to fusioa oxisted, aid still esist, on the part of the leaders of tliü Breokinridge democracy, but this will of noecssity syield, or, wliut will bc just the same, will bc ovorcoino and rondcred nugatory. Tho utmost coniidoncc is expressod iu the en tire sucoosa of tho morement towardá a general co oporatiou of all tho oppono'.its of Lincoln. Therefore, Mr. Lincoln' race will soon be run, to the great, thougli secret, gratification, ns is said, of onc of tho branches of the New York republican party - that which ia hcadcd by Weed aud Seward. Tlio feud which has broken out in that party was a forcrunuer of its dcfeat."