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Arrival Of Steamer Palestine

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Farther Poiut, Scpt. 4. Tho sicamor Palestino froui Liverpool i;íj via Londondorry 24 th uit., passcd tliia point ut o A. M. to-day, bound to Qucboc. It is eonfirmed that Garibaldi has coinmonccd oporations in Calabria. Franco admita breadstufl duty freo. Tho Timos Paris correspondent writcs that hc learns frora a scmi-offieial sourco that llussia is coucci.tratiug fresh troops iu Bossarabia, and iucreasiug Lcr naval forcea in tho Meditcn'ancan. Tho wcathor throughout Franco was most disüouraging. llaiu feil livo or eix houi'3 cvery day, aud t'ao liarvest must bo unfavorablc. Produce was rising. Lord Elgiu aud liaron Gros wero at Shanghai. Br Tbleciiiaph to Londondijrry. - Liverpool :lth. - Breadstuffs toad upward, and wheat aud ilour slightly highcr, owing to unfavorablc weather. Auothor report says: Fino wheat ia gppd denmnd at fully Tuesday's prico.- ütlier cjualities unehanged. Tlio uews published in the Government papers, that Napoleon has proposed a Congress for tho scttlomcnt of the Italian quostion, is totally unfounded, The Oologno Gazette publishes a Vionna letter whioh saya that an Austrian note relativo to Garibaldi's expedition Tvill bc ühortly forwarded. Four Russian frigatea under tho command of tho Grand Duke Constantino, are about to proced to Syria. The Duke of Modena is enrolling volunteers and purchasing horses. Tho Freuch government has already made known to the Kinperor that its proposal for raising Spain to tho rank of a Great Power haviug given rise to objections. it will not for the present endoavor to carry it out. Le Xord repcats its account of tho arrangements at Toplitz, notwithstaading the official dcnial. The same journal asserts that the suggestious made by Prussia for tho rc-organization of tho array of the Confederation wero strongly disapprovod of by the Secretary of tho Gorman States, who considerad that the givingup of tho command of the military forces to ono or both of the Great Powers would bo tho ürst step towttrds their political extinction. The smaller States havo i-efuscd to abdicate so much of tuoir independent sovcroign powers. Shanghai, Juno 28. - Lord Elgin and Baron Gros have arrived. Sir Hopo G rant and Admiral Hope havo left for Peiho. This city is protected by the Allics. Tiio robels aro niaking progresa, and trade with the interior is stoppod. Oanítost, July 8. - Maltcrs aro moro sottlcd. Ono hundred war vcssels and transporta wore iu Frichow Bay on tho 2-tth of June. The Mandarías havo bean ordered to furnish no supplies to the Allics.