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Gov. Letcher Declares For Douglas

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Tho Uiehmond (Va.) Index gives pubicity to the subjoined correspcmdence: Stauntoii, Va., Aug. 20, 1SC0. Dear Sir - We are anxious to know hc positiou you will tako in tho present Presidential canvass, now that all hoyo of uuiting the two wings of the dcmoerate party is over. We considcr the Union n imminent peril, and yct hope the conarvative voico of tho American poople will, on tho Ctk day of November next, ave the country from ruin. llopiug to hear from you, wc are your rienda, BENJ. CRAWFOED, M. G. HAKMAN. The Ilon. John Letciier, Iiichmond, Va., Aug. 22, 1860. Gentlemen - Your letter of tho 20th ust., desiring to know tho position I in;eud to take in tho Presidontial eontest, ïasbocn receivcd, and I avail myself of tho earliest moment to roply. I have purposcly avoided committing myself to tha support of cither Brcckinridge or Douglas, in the hope that a compromiso would be agreed apon by the ,wo conventions receutly held in our State that would be houorablo and niutually satisfactory to both wings of tho democratie party. All hope of an adjust ment having now failed, I havo no hesitatiou iu declaring that my support will bo given to Douglas & Johnson. The división that has occurred iu the democratie party could have boen, and I thiuk ought to have been, avoided. - There was no more necessity for a rupturo iu 1850 than thero was in 185G. - The división has, howevcr, takon plaec - ïhe breaeh is widening daily, and it is useless now to inquire into tho causes which have produced theso deplorable results. Sueh a discussion will not restore union and harmony, but will, of necessity, add to present embarrassments, and will only tend to mako certain tho election of aseetional candidato to the Presidency, whose suecess all patriots must deplore. I siucerely hope, therefore, that the discussions which soem now unavoidable betwecu tho friends of Bröckinridge and Douglas will be markod by prudence aud moderation, and that, after this atrugglo has been ended, a spirit of conciliation aud compromiso will restore union and harmony to our party. liespectfully, your obedicut servant,