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G REAT. GREATER GRES ATET BAIíGAIKS LYIIC1I1I1IJ) 1859. ÍLqJ85í)In tliiiCity, areuow beingoffered at tbs CHEAP.CLOCK.WATCH, & Jowelry StoxOnr 1HK Subscribir wouldsay to tho cltiüensot Ann Ar L bor. in particular, and tha reft of Wnahtnnw Cnuntv in ccnprnl. tht haheajuat IMPORTED pi ItECTLY jrom EUKOi'K.a Tromcndoas Stock of Watclics! Ah of which hfí bind himsclfto el! CHKAPEll ttann cnn lm bougbt weet f New Vork City. ()pin Face CyHnder Wat ches irom 96 to $10 do do Lever do do 8 to 21 Huniing Cwbs do do do M to '.;'-, do do Cyllndor do do 9 to 28 Gold Watchea frora Í0 to 150 1 hare also tn C E LEUR ATE D AMEllfCAN WAT CHES, wlilch I wlll on ter #J!ï. Evnry Walch warrautbd to porform well, or tiie monoy n;lundcd. OJoefci, Jewelry, Pimed War, FHncy Gooils, Gold Pens, Musical Iiutrumcnts and Strlngt, Cutlery, &c„ aud in fnct n varlety of evervthíníí uíunlly keptby Jowöl(j.r# con be bonghtlortha next uinety (J;iys at V'jiir OWN P 11 ICES! Persons buying anything at this wrll known etabliatimö ut cuii rely upon getting goods cxact'y as rep resented, or themonry reíunded. Oallearly tmd aecure the best uiirgnius ever oiï'ured in thi City. One word in regard to Repairing : We arft prrparfid to malte any repair onfine Or commou Watchea, even to rankinr o ittt the entlre wntch, if nrcebbfiry. ïicpiiiring of C'locks nnd Jewelry a usual. Aleo the mmiuíacturins ol RINGS, BROOCIIH, or auything desired, i rom California Gold on short notice. EnprTÍn in allits branches executed with neat núes aud diapatch. J WATTS. Anu Arbor, Jan. 28thI859. 7Mw Something Worth Reading! gdioiT&lifnier, A UK AGAIN ON KANl,atthirld nnd, (Thre OoorsNorthol Primklin House,) wlth tho mot complete uid E x tensive Assort men -orBooks and Stationery, Wall and Window Papers, Oil Painted, and Gold Boidered Shades Curtain Rollers, Tassels, Cords, AND k THOUSAND AND ONE THINGS In Ihnir line, EHT1RBLT TOO NUMMtOUS TO M ENTION, which thsy int rite their iriencis, and th puhik gunernlly, to CALL tSe E3S:V3VEI3NrE! Before Purchasiug Elsewhere, 8 they fifltter themselvosthat thfiir StyifiB am Pric1) rmiTiot fni] to prove satisf'uctory. Ann Artir Mny 1, 1P5O. ïiüRACE WATERS AGENT 3 33 Broadway,NewYok Publlshcr of Muslc am] Muslc Books i.M) f'!:,'.LF.R 15 Pianos, Mclodoons, Alexandre Organs Organ Accordeons, Martin 's celebraled andother Guitars, Violius, Tenor Viols, Vïolincellos, Accordeons, Flulinas, Flutes, Fifes, TrianglesClari jnettf, Tuning Foiks.Pipos andHarnmcr, Violin Bbwe, bestltalian Strings, Bass Instrumenta for Bands, Piano Stool?, and covers, and all kinds of Musical Instrumente. JS lx o o t 1VE xx S i o, fiotn all tho puMishcrs in the U. S.y Bertini' HuiilinV, and Modern SchcM)], and all biodi of Instrnctioii Bookf for tli above instrumenta; Church Music Books: Uuslc eïegantly boundj Music papw, auJ all kinds of &IusI Iferdwodieoi A t t heLowest Prices. New Pianos, At $175, $200, 82-25, $250, and up to S800. Secoud, Bánd Pianos bon $25 up to $160; Now MelmleoiM, $45, $60, $75, $100, anrl up to $200; Second Hand Melodeons frora $30 to $S0; Aloxandro Org&ns, with Bve tops, $160, ninentops, $185 and $225; thirlocn stops, $250, 8275 and $300; fifteen stops, $320 and $r7ö; A liberal discount to Clergymen, fchurohes, Piibbath Schools, Seminaries and Teachers. Tho Trade supplicd at the usual trade discouots TcatiiuonlnU oí the llorare Waters Planos Ülr(t .It'IocIfOMii. John nwp't, of Carthajyo, New York, wlio has had oue ef the HorocoWaten Piano, writeras (Wlows: - "A friond oï mine irisbes me to ut rebase a piano. foT hrr. Sbe lïkes hf nne you eold me in December, lSñO. lïy piano i beoonÜDg popular in this placo, and I think I can botrodaefl woe or vwo more; they wül bc more popular tlian any otlier inake," 'We have two oL Waters' Pianos in use in onrSsmÉ nary, one of which bos been severely tested for thrëi jea. and we can testify to üieir goor) quality and duraljiliiv.'! - Woud & (iregory, Mount Carrol!, TIL "H, Wators, Bsq. - Pear Sm: Having ased one of your Piano Fortes for two jears past. I have fonud ïtaverj superior Instrument. ALONSO (bay( Principal TirooMyn Hcights Seminttry. "The Piano I rcceived frora yo contimies to sive Bt isfaction. ] regard it au one of the best instrument in the ptftO." JaüBSÍm GUUBKS, Charleston, Va. lhe MeJodoon has safely arrivcd. I feol oblfprcd to ynu fory our libera] tlipcount." Rev. J. M. McX'oRMick. YarqucsvUUS, C "The piano was duly rowived. Itcam in excellent ;onditioD, and is very randt H'.hnired hy my numerous family Accept in y thanks for your prump tucas."- ROBSU CoofEB, itfdrrmha'M, Bradjoed Co. Pa. 'Vour piano pleases is wtll. It is the best one iü our COtmty.",- THOaiaS A. Latiiam , CampbdUon, Ga. "Wo are vcry tnuch obligfiti to you for having ent iühcH a line instrument for Süöli."- üium;,1Ikld & Co., Bujfalo Democrat. ''The ilorace Waters Pianonaro known asaittöDg the very best We aro enabled to Bpeak of (hese iastriiments with confldeneo, fron personal knowledo of thofr excellent tone and durable quaüty," - N. Y. Evangelist. "We can speak uf the merits of the Horace Waters ñ anos from personal riuwledge as boing the rexyflnesi qualïty." - Christian Intelligenter. '''llie Hora.ce Waters pianos aro ouilt of the best and most rhoroughly seaoned material. We haf e no doubt thatbuyers can do as wcll.perhaps botter, at this t han at any otherhouse in the Union." - Advocate and Jottrtial. Waters' pianos and mèlodeons challenge cotnparison with the finest made anywhere in the country."' - Home Journal "Hornee WÁtertí' Piano Fortes nre of fulT, rich ftnO even tone, and powerfal - W. Y. Musical ïlev'cw. t(Our Blenda wíll Q&d at Waters' store the very best ftssortment of Music and of Pinnos to be found 'm the Onited Statostand we orge ou? Boatheru and western frirmlrt to pive hiin a cali whenever they go to .New York." - Qraham's Magazine. Warehouse 333 Broadway, N. Y. Sa b b a t h Sch ooi Bell, 100,000 Issccd In ten Itfonths. The unprecedented sale of thisbook has induced the publishcr to atld ome 30 new tunesand hymns to its preaent siw, without extra charge, except on the chcup edl Ainong themany beautiful tuneü audhymn uddd may be found: - "I oufrbt to love my mother;" ;OI'I1 be good child, indeed 1 will." These and cight othrrs (ron) toe Bell, were sung at the Punday Scliool Annivevnary of the M. IC. Church at tho Acadtmy of Music, with great applause. The Bell contains nearly 200 tunes and nymn9,and is one of the best collections everlasoeq. rrice 13c; $10 per hmulrcd, postage 4c Elegant ly bound, embosscd gilt, üöc, $20 per 100 It has been introduced into many of the Public Schoota. The . ei is publishfid in small nunbers entitled Anniind-Suodaj Scitool Kuslo Books, Hos. 1,2, 3, k 4, in order to accommodate tho mitlinti; price $Ü & $3 per hundred No. 5 will soonbo Issued- commeneement óf anotfcer book Also, Revival ïlusic lïooks, Xo, 1 & -, price $1 & $2 per 100, postage lc. More thrin 300,000 copies of the aoore books have loen ispued the past eighteen months, and the demand israpidly inertastng. I'ublished by HORACE WATERS, Agent, 333 Iïruadway, N. Y. Publised by Horace Waters No. 333 Broadway, New Vork. Vocal,"Kind Wonls can never die;" "The Ancrels told mo so;" 'Wilds of the Wsstj1 4(Thoughta oí God;" 1 'QiV9 me badt niT llouotaln Home;" "Day Dreanis;" "Daufly CockBoblo;" 'Tm with thee BÜIl; "jpetna "There's no darilng like mino;" "Saifth Jane Lee;1' -Mv. pr tï thee;" "l'ra lenving tuee in Sorrow;" "Bírd of ÏSeauty;" lHome of our birth;M "Grave of Kosabel," and 'Wake, lady, wake,,' price 25c each. ' Instrcmrntaï., - ' Titlaco (ïarden, or Pinginiï Bird Polka, 40c; "Bwfnglng Bohottlsohe;'1 il.ürai)ei Bohot tisch; ' 'Thomas H:ikers SohotUseha;1' "Piccolomini Polka, 35 cents each. The abovcpieccshaveboautiful Vignettee "Weimer Polka;" "Arabian Wai cry March," the verj last; "Vassovianna DonieUsMasurka; "Rva-l: inir Polka i" "Crinoline Waltx," nnd "Lancers' Qua drille," 25c each. "The Empire of Eteich'a Quadrille;" a nów dance, nnd "The Hibcrnian Quadrille," 35coach. Many of these piceos are played by lljiker's colebratel orchost ra with gieat applruse.XKf ilaücd free. 'A large lot of Foieigo Music at half price. planos, Mcloilcons and Organs. Th Horace Waters Pianos and Helodeons, for depth, purily of tone and durability, are unsurpaased. Prloec very low decond Hand Piano.s and Uelodeons f rom $26 to $100. Muaíc aud Musical In-'ttructionft of all kindn,atlhe luwest prices. HORACK WATF.KS, Agent, No. 838 Broadway, N. T. TflBllXONlAIfi; - "The Horace Walen Pianos are known rb atnoug the very best.' - Evangelist. "We can fpí'ak of thelr ïncrit from personal knowledge." - CJiristian Jnickrgcncer. "Nothfngat the Fair display ed greator excellence -"- Churckman. WaterB' Pianos and Bfelodeoni challenge comiyiiisftn ivitli the finest made ftnywhercin the country."- Home .hmrnal. " 719tf A-yer's Cathartic Pilis. K5 m: L GO JHA.CNEW STORE!! N" O W HE7 i I -nr New Furniture. MARTIN & THGMPSON", SUC0E9S0US TO O. M. MARTIN, TT AVE JC5T OPESED IX THE IR nw and Elegant War e-R ooms EAST SIDEOf MAIN STREET, l sa. m. -A. V or, A COM PLETS STOOK OF ROSEWOOD, H AHOGAR Y anc SET OF PARLOR rUENITUUL INCLUDING Sofas, Tete-a-Tetes, Mahogany KOSE-WOOD, BLACK WÁLNUT Plain and Marble Topped OSKliriiK TT A ffi IL K @s ROSEWOOD, MAHOGANY, BLACK WALNUT, FANCY and COTTAGE CHATRS &C, &.C., &.O., &C. jak. -mt sm n 9 El e g a n t MIRRORS Bureaus, Secreta ries B e d-R oom Sets, INCLUDING LATEST SÏYLES -ofIB3 8flèil SöCï siüü a4O a3S3Oa3 OF TIIE BEST QUALITY AND Different Material. In Fa et they Have Everything W- H- I- C- H "The Old Polks," O-R "YOUNG MAERI E D PEOPLE W-A-N-T T-0 r-UBS-I-SÏ PARLOR, BOÜDOIR, SITTING ROOM, OR K1TCHEN, AND OUR CITIZENS NEED NO loiiger go to Detroit or elsewhere To Find ALARGE ASSORTMENT T-H-i-S FURNITURE MUST BE SOLD - A K D- And Will be S0Id ; A- T VERY LOW F RICES! Jfé9 XjfA ffWTT mftn nnd hift ■wife or going to be wife, OME AND SEK. Tbeyalso have a II E ARS E ÜAIÏlilAGF, Wo are always reaiij' to attend to the burial nf tïif eal in the City and adjoining Doontiy. Ware-Rooms eaht ide1 of Main st reet , botween Washington aud Liberty. Anu Arbor, Nov . 1859. O. M, MARTIN. C. B. THOMPSON! General Land Agency 'ERSONS wanttng farras, or raeldfincpfln ornñu nn Arbor, can by calliug onme alectfroma liet fovor IOO Farms For Sale! OrTarlouf slzen Irom 3, to 1300 acreseach (lomg good asaiiyinthis Connty.) Morcthan 5O Dwellng Houses nt!iUCily,from two hundreii to tourthouEanddo - arscach:and over 2 O O BUILDING LOTS! ■ mongthe l'RrniB nre the Kishop rarm, l."ÏOO acre, be Potter farm, in Groen Oak; the l'lnoefin m, a:ij - nrrt1, theïllandonnnd Jcnk farms, in Webster; h' Stub'is, Michael Clancy, Newton Becgan, and Pallahai farms, in Ann Arbor; J.KicKfeley'4 farm, n tbn Hatch and Hick farms in Lodi; the 'atrick Clayu ('arm in Frendom; W. S. DavUon, B. O. Bakeru and Buck's farms lnSylvan. Motof hnss and mttoy ethers can bc dividod to sult mrohacfrs P. W.M0.10AN. AncArboJ, Jan 1 3 , 1858 63 RISDOJN & IÍEKJJEllSüíl ""H M TfllllflJïLl L r , v "■. r3 fí IflMJff; aft vr O CC ' " ' BLOC SSLNEW HARDWARE STORE I ! ! WEtoToulr5„ck "' E ATrENTI0X 0F TI1K "JWO nBT1 "W JB33 SS 9 IKON, STEEL, NAILS, ÏIX, COrPEll,& SHEET CHAIN AND m WARE' CISTEKN PUMPS, PAIJNTS, OILS, GLASS, BKITANNiA WARE, CÊC, &C, &C., CJ&C. And everj kind of Hardware andHouso Furnishing mjm & -mm m&m AH t. oik 11 be soM as Cl [KA]' e at any other Establishment iu Michigan, f e 5ay we Uave got thO Best Assortment of Cooking PAR LOB AND l'LATE And will sell them Cheaper than tui: cue ap est, Pifase cali and see us. All kinds of tin ware kopt on hand. l'articular atteniioupaid to all kinds of cO CE) O3 "F CD Lü OS.; W'hich will be done wlth NEATNESS KNDD1SPLTCU. rimsc clland sce uur STOVE KOOM lo id itory of New lïlock. RISDOX i HE.NDERSOS. Ann Arbor, Oct. 7, 1S59. GOODQ. RICH GOODS! Cheap Goods! ! BACH & PIEK30N TI AVE Jffï OPENED TIIB CHOICEST STOCK - or- Spring and Sümmer Good to bo found In this Ciiy, consisting of LADIES'DRESS GOODS ncwent Styl?5 rind pattern?, CAREFULLY SELECTE D, purehased cbeaj. and Warraated to Please. Also, GEiN:TLEMEX'S GOODS, Domcsticp, Stafï, Family Gtocoiígs, &c. Consult jour own inieresti cali ñnp early. BACH fe PIERSOIÍ" 1830 ÏOSO City Ciicap Lumfoer Sas7i, Doors Blinds, Piaster Paris, Grand Biver Piaster, Water Lime, Nails of all sises, Glass, Paint and Putty, ièc, (&c. 3 D. DeForest, HAVlNG inercased hifi facilities for doing business and enlarged hie Yard and .-"if:ck .i , prci taiod tho present, with ifcc bcs.j largest nd choaeat seasoncti stock uTorin thia mi riet to atUf'y the roaeonable edctationa oí' u). o ir motto ia notto bc undersofd lor cash on delívery wül oot imdertnltL'to friglUcuthe public b hat they will gt-thnved 1 thcy buy elsewherie, tur wo presumo that other willscllaslow astlu'y can ffbrd to. All kinds of Timbcr, Joïsts, nd Scantling, Pine, Whitewood, Baeswood, Ilrmock, Plaued and Ma.tched Pine, "White-wood sh Klooring. IMancdtad rouc;h Piueand Whitowood .iJinc.KonccPotitB, OekandCedar Posts audPickcte i allkijiclH. pine fail), anti lllljitetuooa L$# Ptne, As han 't VV'iitcwood Shingles, Barn Boards and Barn Floor Plank, laekVa.jut,and Chcrry and thin stufl", Wagon and BUGGY AXLES and TONGUES, oxtmd Bod3T Luinbcr,Maplc Log Timber, Hickory, Oak, Ash, Elm, Beech, Of a!l;hicknos8es,width andlenytlis.&c. &c, Piaster Paris, and Piaster f allklnils. jXTilllfai of all sizee, Ac, &.C., SASIL DOOBS,é: BL1NBS, madebybuud toordor ns lowa f:ictory price, on ie sbortcstnotice bythe bostoi workmen, Qtid Best Seasoned Lumber. illff ofal) description in tho above butldiog line urniBhfïiïonthenhortPBtof nolicc, for We have Mills Oatting liegularly . lul! and portoet ngi;ortment of the abovo and thur kiude oí Building Materials üonstautlv onhandatlhtlowestjwssiblcratcs Cali and be Convinced. 1 few rodi southfrom R. Depot on Detroit Street, Ann Arhor, Mich, 11 O O F 1 N Cr. N.B. - I amnow operating Bxteusively in the Patent Cement Roofiug. City Meat Market. TIÜNDKRffïGNED, AT H]S Markt near tbo Tost OIÜl'"} boop cODStaml on ham) .i full assorlmcnf of hich Ihcy wiïl always bo fouad In readiueasto c;it pon TP CDísTOMERá'. o pawb wijl bu pared tu keep icir ni.irkct Clean, anl Meitls Sweet nl pairons ma.r Ttf upon witing (ho brst l 'b-sks oBors. 6tc)tliat can bo iuuud in theCity. i'Aij. VDTKY DS. PROCTOR i X. WAJ i. R. AanArl ir, "!■; I ' ' ■'-■