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Signs Of A Crusade

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Amone other signs of the times, Simeón Murad, the actiug American Consul in Jerusaíem, in a letter reoently received in Boston, says that considerable anxiety is feit by the Christian European residents. 'J he' Arabs without tbe walli, to say nothing of those within, aro evident]y under uuusual excitement. Those of í)jbel Kuds and Djbel Mablos havo already destroyed the surrouuding cropg - Bread is beginning to be very dear, ío that a loaf which ordinarily costs five paras now brings tweut3T, and soaroe at that. The poor are suffering, and apprehensions of a fearful outbreak are anticipated. There is no oalculating the amount of rnisohief that would follow, should the fanatical spirit of the Mohanimedans break forth as it has on former occasions at Jeiuealem, whioh has in past ftgespaiwcd through more extraordinary eccnei of blood, slaughter and rapiñe than any other place on the whole globe.