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Garibaldi And Queen Victoria

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Corre spon dence of the London New, Messina, Aug. 4. I think that you are aware that the Bicilian government has seut a distinguished ïioblenian, Prince Pandolfini, to represent the interest of the island at the EDglish court. I ara now able to send you the trnnslation of' the latter which was writteu by Garibaldi to Qeecn Victoria ou this occasion: "ïotm Majesty - Callcd by my duty to my Italian fathorland to defend iu cause in Sicily, I have assumed the dictatorship of a genorous people, who, after a long-continuod strugglo, wish for nothing but to partieipate in natioual life and freedoni under the seeptre of the magnaniijious Priuce in whoin Italy trusts. "ïhe envoy who prosents himself to your Majesty in the name of tho provisional government wbioh now rules this country does not pretend to represent a gpecial and distinct State, but he comes as interprater of the thoughts and sentiments of two millions and a half of Italiana, By thiu title I beg your Majesty to deign to receive him, granting a kind audieoce and attention to what he may rospectfully urge upon your Majesty in behalf of this most beautiful and noble part of Italy. "Palermo, Fridny, Juuc 22. "To her Majosty the Quecn of Groat Britain and Irelaud."