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Revolutionary Reminiscences

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Messjrs Editors: Theeditoral artielo in yestorday's Ledger, with the aboye caption, reminds me of a httlo incident that occurred in my family some time ago. Mrs. Wentivorth, a venerable old lady of Rcvolutionury titnes, while making a temporary stay at our house, related during the evening, tho follow' ing iucident, among many others: ''Our residence at this time," she continued, "was not lar from tbat of the Washington family. One afternooa my mother sent me on a little domestic errand to Mrs. "Washington, with whorn she was iütimate, snd I had just delivered my massage, wheo the Fathor of his Country entered. As I was about to retire, he approached me - I was twelvo years cld then - and, placing his hand on my head, in a kind, i'atherly manner, asked mo, with a gentle smile, "whose littlu girl 1 was," and when 1 told him, he stooped, (God bless him, I think I sue him yet,") continued the old lady, interruptiug herself, and wiping a toar írorn her oye, "and he had to stoop a great deal, too, for he was tall and so tnajestie, and imprinted a warm kis.s on my right cheek, and gave me his blussing - 'twaa riglit herel" said she, with a look of pride as she put the end of her middle fioger to her cheek, a little below the center. During the old lady's recital, my wife had sat ve ry quietly, but now aruse, evideritly much amusod and aftected, and approaching Mrs W., said: "Mrs. Wentworth, I have ono favor to ask of you." "What is it my dear?" ''Let me kiss the cheek that Washington kissed!" 'Certainly my child!" and sho loaned over. I must say I feit my eyes moisten, ior the wholo scène appeared so simple and touching. And when I told it to a friend a few days afterwards, he said he thought my wiio must be a very patriotic little woman. I smilud and told him I beliovod Americau womon were patriotic.