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Imlepondence, Sepi. 10. The Suata Fe mail, wjth dates to the 7th uit., arrived last night in time to conneet wit!) thu mail g-ing liast this inoniing. (J-ov. Renoher a out in a lengtby article in the Bapta Fe (Inzette, defining his positioD ia refnsing to culi tor voluntoeiv. Ko says there ure sufE cient troope of the regular army fcr atl practical pufposes, and that onder the luw th? wovernor has no power to cali into service the inilitia, as Gabgcesa has made no provisión for páyiDg thern for any service rondored. He also is very severo on Mr. Otero, the delégate frotn Mexico, eomplainiog that it is the seoond time be has goue out of hid legitimate duties to assail hiin. Gol Faiintieroy has received orders rrom the Secrotary of War to mako nn inimudiatc and vigorous campaign Hgainst the Naviijoe [ndians vvith tlie foróe ho has noiv. Tho Colone.l will b ablo to put a spcedy lermination {o exfeting troublos f ho only obeys his instructions. On the löth of August tho Navajoos stolo f rom the Government herd at V;i]ourde 300 hoad of beef caille. Thirty troupe went in pursuit and reuovorod fifty head, but did no njury to the thieves. Senator Bairci, frora the counties of Santa Anna and Bonillo, has ï'esignod his offico as Senator fuv the purpose of taking au active part in the campaign aeainst the Navajoes. No Indiana were soon on the route. A report reacLed Santa Fe Fork that tho Gheyonnes, Kiowas and Sious liad jojned together and would raake war upon the tronps wherever foimd, and the command at Pawnee Fork wcro apprehensive of an attack from them. Comrnissionef Grcenward pasaed Pawnee Fork on tho Ist nat, getting along well. Preparations are malcing for a large Douglas demonstration in this city tonight. Several distinguished speakers are in attendance. üur Fair closed last Saturday, and all agree that it was the finest 'display of stock over had here before.