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It Is "Rumored" That A State Election

It Is "Rumored" That A State Election image
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election was held in Vennoot on Monday of last week, and that the llepublicaus carried the State by an increased niajori ty, clocting Governor, Licut. Governor, all tho Congressmen, the cntire Seuate, and alraosfc an cntire House; but this dame Rumor has the reputation of bcing such an awful liar, that no ono but a Republican vrould swear to her reports, unlcss it is our democratie frieud, the poot Saxe, who is supposed to have thought himself a candidato for Governor. Well, strangcr events have happoned beforo now. J52L" Gov. Banks having declined being a cíindidatc for re-election, and accepted the prcsidoncy of the Illiuois Central Kailroad Compauy, at a salary of 87,000 a yoar, tlio Republicana of Massaclnifietts have noininated John A. An duews, of Boston, as their candidato for Governor. J53" The Democrats of the Kepresentative district comprising the City of Detroit havo norainatod the following candidatos for tho Legislature: Messrs. Cyrus W. JacksoD, Alexander J. Fraser, Peter Klein, ïhos. McEutee, and Francia X. Cicott. It is both a good and popular ticket. J55L" The Republicana of the 4th Iiepresentative district have nominated Darius I'ierce of Lima as tbeir candidate. Mr. P. is a sour and bitter partisan, and has no claim to any democratie votes, and without getting a large number of them lie cannot be clected. JJ5L" líead the full and able speech of DoiÓLAl in papec to-day, and -ou will see tliat talks in tho South just as he does in the Norlh. thus brand,ing tho Republican charge of douWe! ICedneES ;lh falso.